Mitchell: BYU football can’t continue on this trajectory

If nothing changes in the next six weeks, I am through with BYU football.

I will not be renewing my season tickets and my name can be removed from any donor lists. There is no excuse for the uninspired, no-heart, no-guts football of the past two weeks.

If you can beat USC, then the glorified physical education classes of Toledo and USF should be no problem.

Last year, I attended the Potato Bowl and almost froze to death. I will never go back to it. If BYU can’t win at least 10-12 games a year and go to an occasional New Years bowl, maybe they need to give up football.

If the direction of BYU sports does not change, then Holmoe and Sitaki need to update their resumes. And please don’t talk about the nationally-ranked women’s volleyball and soccer teams. I don’t give a hoot in Hades about them. Sports begins and ends with football, period.

P.S. Injuries are part of the game, don’t use them as an excuse for losing. Beat Boise State and USU or somebody needs to be unemployed.

— Neil Mitchell, Provo

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