Is our world more divisive than ever, or is that merely my perception?

Whether or not my perception is correct, I feel that our Utah Valley community can be well served by its citizens trying to build more bridges and fewer walls. The way I see it is that my path is not your path, nor is your path my path, but most certainly, we are all on life's journey.

If our particular path leads us to do good, to be good, to share good, and most importantly, to lend a hand, a shoulder, a heart to those who are on different paths and who are in need, then our path is a worthy walk, and most definitely our journey will end with much gladness.

Everyone's path is different, but everyone needs a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on at one time or another, so maybe part of our personal path can be to do that for those who are treading paths within our reach and within our community. Many have done the same for me, and I am incredibly grateful for it. I encourage all of us to try to unite rather than divide, looking for the good in our beautiful Utah Valley neighbors and letting the differences we see not matter nearly so much.

— Deon Sager, Cedar Hills

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