Spencer: My position on Mayor Brunst

I am writing to clarify my position and what happened regrading an article published in the Daily Herald on Sept. 24, 2019.

The Orem City Council was asked to give a statement in response to the press release issued by Utah County Attorney Leavitt last week related to the Brunst investigation.

A decision was made that instead of meeting as a City Council in another closed door session, we would communicate with each other and city management through a series of emails regarding what our statement would be.

In the final statement that was being considered, I had some concerns with the wording.

I shared my concerns with this response:

  • Sorry for the late reply, I am not in favor of the statement that has written.

To me, this should say we do not condone the Mayor’s actions.

As a City Council, we are greatly disappointed in the Mayor’s actions that led to a review of his conduct by both the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and the Utah County Attorney. As the City’s Mayor, we expect him to set an example of honor and high integrity. The actions of Mayor Brunst have done a disservice to the city, its citizens, the employees, and fellow elected officials. We as a Council do not condone the Mayor’s actions.

I found out later the next day in a newspaper article a statement was released by the City that “I did not want my name included” as stated in the article.

The City gave the statement to the Daily Herald and I never told anyone I did not want to be included.

My feelings are I do not condone any of the Mayor’s actions, nor do I condemn him. I hope we can put this in the past and move on to take care of the citizens of Orem.

— David Spencer, Orem City Council

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