'I'm not at peace with it': Birth parents of Jeremy Sorensen still wanting answers after Provo shooting (Dec. 28)

Stop throwing out the victim card. Pretty cut and dry what happened. The neighbor gave him warnings and opportunities to stop...he didn’t. It’s regretful but Jeremy made the decision through his actions. - Imjussaying

Police worried about children being around Orem man with child sex abuse charges (Dec. Dec. 26)

The parents should be charged. What idiots. No you cannot tuck my kids in bed. No you cannot be “warned” or have multiple warnings to not show my daughters your penis. Sorry I would have chopped it off the first time and you would never see us again. Relation or not. These parents should be charge with neglect. - Lindsay Barrat

‘We haven’t forgotten who we are’: Utah County joins state in welcoming refugees (Dec. 26)

I think we need to be careful. We have one political party that is using illegal, legal and refugee immigration to build up their voter base. Since 1964 Democrats have not won the majority of white votes in this countries Presidential election. They are relying on all forms of immigration, in record numbers to bolster their voting records, as immigrants and refugees tend to vote Democratic.

We have had record numbers of refugees the past several years, many are not true refugees but economic migrants that ruin it for people that actually need it. Economic migrants can use our green card system to come here. - piddler

Santaquin man finds joy in work at 80 (Dec. 25)

Jerry is an integral part of our team at Parkway! We love seeing his smile , he always lights up the room ! Happy Birthday! - Dena Walker

Citizen referendum filed in response to Utah County property tax hike (Dec. 24)

My neighbor worked for the state for a while. He thought 1/3 of our state workers were redundant. The Federal work force has to be at least that bad and their pensions and salaries are somewhat above the private sector. It's called the deep state and composed of unelected folks that love to make rules and regulations. I would like to see our city, county, state fathers continually see where they can reduce the govt workforce as this could reduce the need for increased taxes. When they say they have done all they can then a tax hike might be ok. - CastYard

DUI suspect flips car in front of apartment complex, arrested by off-duty officer (Dec. 23)

Thank goodness nobody was terribly hurt. Such a potential tragedy avoided, thank goodness. - Josh Jones

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