Women's March in Provo 10

Participants of Women’s March Provo hold signs advocating for women’s rights and sexual assault awareness during the event held on the steps of the Provo Historic Courthouse on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020. (Photo by Johnny Morris, special to the Daily Herald)

Women’s March in Provo focuses on sexual assault awareness, violence against Native American women (Jan. 18)

Health insurance should be to only cover emergency situations. If you want to disfigure yourself because you think you are a boy when you are a girl, or vice versa, that should NOT be covered, as it is not an emergency, or even necessary! You should pay for that yourself. — Rex Harris

Utah State Board of Education developing new teacher certification program (Jan. 18)

The only time I have seen an ARL candidate get hired was for special education. No one else will take the jobs.

Other than that, the schools will always hire a teacher that has done a real program to prepare to be a teacher. I’ve seen several people try that came from industry and wanted to teach. They lasted about 6 months on average before they came to their senses. It is crazy what we are expecting from teachers these days. — life long republican

UVU president spent $27,000 on travel last year (Jan. 18)

The question shouldn’t be HOW much they spent, but rather WHAT they spent it on; for example:

Airfare: first class or coach?

Hotels: 5-star or budget?

Meals: fast food or gourmet?

CEOs and executives are required to travel and usually get perks on WHAT they can spend it on from the BOD.

Public servants should be restricted especially if their financing is provided by the public. — David Fillmore

Orem Mayor and Councilmembers share council goals for 2020 (Jan. 16)

So, higher fees, new taxes, central planning, “sustainable” development, and helping residents to accept their agenda... Got it. — David Edward Garber

What will happen to 100,000 racy-packaged condoms that can’t be distributed? The Utah health department is not sure (Jan. 17)

A bunch of stuffy old guys gets their undies in a twist over the jokes on condom wrappers and demands the recall of those condoms. I’m over 70 and I thought the wrappers were quite clever. I thought the cave, and Beaver items were clumsy and not that clever. But humor is a subjective thing. The stuffy old guys better be prepared for a tidal wave of HIV infected Utahn and pregnant Utahns because of their huffy reaction. Honestly distribute the damn things and try to see Utah as a forward thinking government. Just because nobody asked their permission, they get offended. I’m offended because these same old huffy guys have been making pronouncements on MY personal life my entire life. — Lana Creer-Harris

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