UDOT launches opt-in mileage charge for alternative-fuel vehicles (Jan. 4)

The slippery slope for all cars and trucks, rate increases, higher taxes, more taxes, and of course higher fees, every year. Never ever expect Politicians to do anything but a scam to take more of your hard earned income. What about miles driven out of state, how do they stop taxing you? Oops, they don’t, you will just pay and pay, and pay! - Lucinda Halter

Looking to avoid a repeat of 2018 ‘disaster,’ Utah County elections division gets a million-dollar budget increase (Jan. 3)

They could wall paper the election office with money and they will still screw up the election. I volunteered there once and was apalled at the poor training quality. If they keep old employees who will do it as they always have then we are doomed. - Lana Creer-Harris

Leatherby's, other new developments bolstering business growth in Orem (Jan. 2)

Leatherbys had multiple locations in Provo (not just River's Edge). Never lasted long. I hope it lasts longer. - Cameron Tucker

Utah’s population grew more in the last decade than any other state, census data shows (Jan. 2)

People tend to migrate in the direction of greater freedom far more often than not. With more "sustainable planning," heavy-handed bureaucracy will likely start to drive people away from Utah, just as it's already been driving people away from California. - David Edward Garber

Utah County's first baby of the decade born in Orem (Jan. 1)

I hope they run an article like this next year when the actual decade starts, as this is technically still the current decade. Not that it really matters at all...I'm just still in the current decade for me the new one starts next year...its all arbitrary though. Granted parties are better ending in a 9 year than a 0 year. - Dragon Fire

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