DICK's Sporting Goods

DICK's Sporting Goods is opening in American Fork on April 8, 2016.

‘A system that dramatically needs reform’: In 2nd year, Utah County Attorney wants to rethink criminal justice (Jan. 11)

The trend in criminal justice seems to have turned criminals into “children” who shouldn’t be punished because they are a product of society and nothing is their fault...California and New York are leaders in this new way to work with the criminal population...Being soft on punishing criminals isn’t doing criminals any favors and only makes police work much harder...The police officer has to deal with the same people over and over which exposes the offers to unneeded dangerous situations...Just like good parents who deal out proper punishment to their children, Judges and lawyers need to hold those who do crimes accountable no matter how costly it is...Quality of life will go down the tubes fast as it has in Los Angeles and San Francisco with people living in our yards and on the streets if judges go easy on crime...I think David Leavitt should rethink his idea of not having a death penalty...There needs to be a line drawn in the sand when it comes to crime and punishment...Laws need to be enforced and criminals need to pay the penalty — Kit Clawson

Provo Housing Authority tenants seek clarification after recent notice sparks fears (Jan. 11)

When you totally rely on the government to provide you everything, you are at their mercy, which is not much. HUD is abolishing public housing (as it has been known) the governemt will not own or operate any housing, they will only be supplying vouchers which local housing authorties will administer. Most old public housing will be torn down and new privately owned buildings built that will be voucher based buildings. Be prepared and make sure you pay attention. — Wiltonguy45

LDS Church generates $6.3 million with help of Christmas Giving Machines (Jan. 10)

With 100B in the church investments accounts, could they not have simply donated more to charity? I think annually it’s only something like 40M in donations? State liquor stores and LeBron James have donated more. Seems like just a big publicity stunt to promote that the mormon church is doing “so much good.” — Zac Taylor

Dick’s sporting goods closes abruptly in Orem (Jan. 9)

I thought they were doing really well, after all they were able to choose to stop selling popular in demand merchandise and on top of that destroy millions of dollars worth of existing merchandise that they refused to sell.

I guess they got what they deserved, now if the AF one would just shut down too and all the rest. Sportsman Warehouse is far superior to Dicks anyways. I suppose all those gun control freaks aren’t doing their part to keep the employees at Dicks employed. — Dragon Fire