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New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill (7) passes in the second half of an NFL preseason football game against the Minnesota Vikings in New Orleans, Friday, Aug. 9, 2019. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Former BYU star Taysom Hill signs two-year deal with the New Orleans Saints (April 26)

Taysom Hill has proven himself to be a valuable player for the Saints. His production in 2019 was lower due to Brees' injury and having to be a true QB back-up to Teddy Bridgewater instead of his usual utility-man role. With Brees likely retiring after the 2020 season, the Saints have the option of changing their offense to suit the more mobile, less accurate passer Hill, or perhaps moving forward with soon-to-be-signed Jameis Winston at QB. The addition of Tommy Stevens at QB/utility man gives the Saints a back-up should Hill be injured this season, or Hill a back-up should the offense change in 2021. Brees has already stated he is OK with Hill taking 20+ snaps a game at QB this year if it helps the team win. Whether that actually happens, or if Hill will continue to play on special teams, is yet to be seen. Either way, it's a big payday for the former BYU QB. -- c00kster

Camp Williams gets funding for land preservation (April 27)

Maybe this should’ve been done years ago. But glad it’s done now.

Which raises a question...why in the world would anyone build/buy a home near an airport, dump, sewer district or Camp Williams etc. KNOWING that those things will be your neighbor!!??

And then complain about the noise, smell, dust etc. DUH!! You knew! Not a surprise!

Makes one wonder, doesn’t it? -- Karma

Mayors of Utah Valley: Why no stay-at-home order, Mayor? (April 26)

While I do laud her approach so far, she, too, seems to be ignorant of our constitutional rights as Americans. The Governor, and thus, Mayor Kaufusi, has no legal right to mandate "stay at home orders" in Utah. State law allows him to isolate and quarantine those infected, but not the whole population. Even if he were somehow legally allowed to do this under Utah state law, the Constitution preserves our rights to assemble, protest, etc., and those rights trump any state, county or city edicts. Mayor Kaufusi seems ignorant of this with her comments about the "power of the pen" and so forth, which is kind of alarming. - Mdub

Mayors of Utah Valley: Why no stay-at-home order, Mayor? (April 26)

Good on the mayor. This is a refreshingly different tact than the two neo-Communist mayors in SLC and SLC county! This a pandemic not a war. Let's hope cooler minds prevail. -- Janet Black

Utah County dairy industry faces udder chaos (April 25)

Strange that Dairy Farmers are struggling like this. Last week. My wife and I were in WALMART and SMITHS in Saratoga Springs, Utah and WALMART in American Fork, Utah, and I noticed that the dairy refrigeration shelves were all empty? If the farmers are struggling so, might someone look at the middleman who is trying to artificially increase prices? Or at someone else rather than the producers and the end users. JUST ASKING. I was raised on a dairy farm. -- Sid Lawrence

Herald Editorial: Delaying reopening the economy gives the economy its best chance (April 25)

It is a difficult balance as there is harm from Covid-19 and harm from shutting down businesses. We don't really have enough information yet to make good decisions, yet decisions need to be made now. It does appear as though many people are asymptomatic from recent research, but the estimates for under counting those infected vary from 4 to 16 times more people are infected than reported, we still don't really know.

I don't envy anyone who has to make this decision with insufficient information, either way someone will be harmed. We can only hope that they come close to making optimal decisions for the majority. -- Talon Jensen

Herald Editorial: Delaying reopening the economy gives the economy its best chance (April 25)

Really? Delaying will improve the results? I know of one young woman who took her life because her job vanished... yes she was suffering from clinical depression but that event triggered her tragic decision. Just how many people have killed themselves so far? How many businesses are going bankrupt? How many food animals, gallons of milk, tons of produce are being wasted? Those losses are stressing our farmers and ranchers and sending them towards bankruptcy!

I fear that once the antibody tests are done nationwide we'll learn that the shutdown wasn't necessary everywhere, just in a few locations where people are smashed together in mass transit. As one commentator pointed out there are many, many counties with very few cases and ZERO deaths. To have shut things down like we all live in NYC is ridiculous. -- Ron Hathcock

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