Are Utah County residents wearing masks in public? 01

Customers wait in line to enter The Home Depot in Lindon on Friday, May 22, 2020. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

Only 30% of shoppers in Utah County are wearing masks (May 23)

That’s GREAT! I am very happy to see so many people actually understanding that the whole thing is a farce! Wearing a mask does nothing other than show you are a sheep and will believe anything! That’s who you are! Keep wearing that mask, so we know how you are. SCARED and a target. — David

Only 30% of shoppers in Utah County are wearing masks (May 23)

Culling of the herd is a real thing. It could be argued that allowing yourself to be needlessly exposed is your way of strengthening the gene pool.

While we are still waiting for good data it appears that COVID-19 attacks all organs in the body, that is why deaths can look like heart attacks or other causes. While only 2% die, it is beginning to look like 5% more will suffer from lasting ill-health. Unfortunately, we won’t really have good data for many more months. So, we make the best decisions we can with the data we have. — Talon Jensen

Only 30% of shoppers in Utah County are wearing masks (May 23)

Gee, wearing a mask is the best thing ever. I can go to a store and get what I want and leave. No talking to people I know or know me. Just lovely!!!!! — Lynn Ostergaard

Napolitano: What if the government has it wrong? (May 22)

So Napolitano writes another error-filled screed. We do have public health experts that have demonstrated convincingly that face masks and social distancing do markedly reduce the spread of COVID-19.

What if the Trump-Napolitano people who refuse to wear masks and refuse social distancing, spewing coronavirus as they pass, threatening the health of essential workers and customers are making it too dangerous for the country to reopen. The only rational response for those who want to protect themselves and their families is to shelter in place even longer. If everyone would follow the CDC guidelines, not the Trump-Napolitano sociopathic misinformation, then we might be at a point where we could gradually resume business activity without a dramatic spike in disease. — ADP

Mountain View’s drive-thru graduation puts pedal to mettle to mark senior moment (May 19)

The phrase is actually “the pedal to the metal” meaning pushing the gas pedal all the way down to the metal of the floorboards to go as fast as possible. — Tabitha Marx

BYU to assist students without using CARES Act funding (May 19)

I refused to participate in it, myself. I’m fine with either earning money or receiving it as a gift, and I’m also alright with refunds, but I don’t believe that the state should be doling out money to whomever it favors. That CARES Act money was either confiscated from someone else’s paycheck or else it was created out of figurative thin air, in which case it inflates away the value of everyone’s existing money. In either case, I view it as essentially theft — and I don’t believe in plunder, even if it’s legal. I respect that others may view things differently, but that’s how I see it, for whatever it may be worth. — David Edward Garber

BYU to assist students without using CARES Act funding (May 19)

I’ve found that when jealously descends like a plague on unfortunate and angry individuals, these poor souls tend to lash out at others in a snide and infantile fashion. They do this in an attempt to fill their own vanity and an internal void that has usually been self created. These mentally unhealthy individuals actually feel better in their heartbreaking attempt to belittle other more successful individuals. Studies show that the vast majority of these unfounded personal attacks are usually made by denigrating the race, religion or appearance of their more successful targets. — nothingisfree

BYU to assist students without using CARES Act funding (May 19)

This was a wise decision. It also shows attacks on BYU for getting these funds and on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for having a financial reserve were unjustified. — John Pack Lambert

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