1,000-acre park planned to enhance recreation around Utah Lake (Feb. 15)

Sounds like a great plan! I'll be excited to see it progress through various stages. Utah Lake and its shoreline will become a gem for the community. - lifelong republican

Confusion creates struggles for Utah County property tax referendum organizers (Feb. 15)

It is too darn bad that politicians at any level refuse to make cuts in the budget to fund new "ideas" they keep coming up with. Heck, if your family wants something, you don't tax anyone do you? 'Course not. You move your money from one area you don't need and use that to pay for the new item. If you can't do it, you do NOT get someone else to pay it for you, right? The politicians need to understand that they have a responsibility to make sure the Police and Fire is up to date, and the roads in the city are repaired and our utilities are in good shape and the schools are up to date. But they don't really care what we want, do they? - Goldminer77

Provo 2nd graders do 1,000 acts of kindness for Valentine's Day (Feb. 14)

How refreshing to read about unselfish acts! Love to Rock Canyon Elementary! - P Jones

Legislature considering big price tag solution for Utah’s affordable housing shortage (Feb. 13)

Raise minimum wage! Its not because theres no jobs! The rich get richer pretending to help the 324,856 people below the poverty line in Utah. The poverty rate in Utah is 11.0%. One out of every 9.1 residents of Utah lives in poverty. How many people in Utah live in poverty? 324,856 of 2,946,717 residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year. Raise minimum wage!!! - Rich Cummings

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