Property tax referendum gets official approval 05

Community members gather during an organizational meeting concerning a citizen referendum to reject a property tax increase in Utah County held Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, at the former site of Last Course Dessert Studio in Orem. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

Utah County won’t sign off on property tax referendum (April 12)

The point is thousands of Utah County citizens want to vote on this. We have a right to be able to vote on whether we have to pay this much money every year on every home in the county.

Why businesses support the tax recall referendum:

“Most of us understand that as owners of real estate, that the county portion of our property tax will increase 67.4%, but for businesses it especially egregious.

Businesses are assessed an additional “Personal Property Tax.” Along with the standard property tax, the tax on business properties will also be increased by an additional tax of 67.4%. Unfortunately, most business owners are unaware that the property taxes are being doubled.”

Let’s put this to a vote! — George G. King

Utah County won’t sign off on property tax referendum (April 12)

Time finally had a recall law in Utah. We will probably have to start a referendum drive to have a recall law in Utah.

While the tax increase was a bad idea before, today it is even worse. Right now we are in a world wide recession. The effects are just starting to be felt. By June unemployment in Utah will be massive. Tax revenue is already plummeting. Every level of government will start laying off employees in the next four weeks and will continue all summer.

The sad part is Utah County’s finances have been mismanaged for years. The commissioners have not wanted to make growth pay for the needs caused by growth. Their builder buddies have kept them from increasing the fees on all of the new residential and commercial buildings being built in the county. They have let salaries and employment expand beyond the budget. — Greenville

Utah County won’t sign off on property tax referendum (April 12)

No the County Elections office did a good job of following the law when validating the signatures and the signature packets. The Referendum leaders did a poor job of following the law and ensuring the signatures they gathered met the standard set by the Legislature. The county didn’t set the law. The Utah State Legislature did. The County Elections office has to follow the law as written. Something the referendum leaders did a poor job of. I’m not discounting or questioning their passion or desire to see this on the ballot. I am stating their level of competence in getting this done was poor. They spent more time yelling on Facebook and attacking anyone who disagreed and no where enough time on making sure they did the job they set out to do. Bottom line, they simply failed to meet the standard. Doesn’t matter how many people signed the referendum. It doesn’t matter how passionate they were about what they were doing. It wasn’t enough.

Remember that the law and facts don’t care about your feelings. — Burt Harvey

No plans for stay-at-home order in Utah County, but ‘it’s always on the table’ (April 10)

At this point it doesn’t seem to be about making less people get sick (containment), it is more about making the same amount of people get sick at a slower rate that hospitals can keep up with (mitigation). Why not just have people with high-risk factors (me) take extreme precaution for their own health?

I love minimizing immediate deaths, but long term stress factors have health effects of being isolated, stress of losing work, stress of major economic downturns, the stress of having a loved one pass away alone and not getting closure from a funeral, stress of other major life changes need to be considered as they shorten life expectancies too. — R. Getts

No plans for stay-at-home order in Utah County, but ‘it’s always on the table’ (April 10)

C. Jane Kendrick? That’s the best the Herald could come up with for supporting a place-yourself-in-a-plastic-bubble order? Not a single local mayor? Local city council members? Local religious leader? Local MD?

“ ‘If people really follow the directive on a voluntary basis, there’s no reason necessarily to put it into an order,’ Clegg said.”

Amen to that. — C00kster