Utah ranks No. 11 for most rapes per capita in U.S. (March 8)

I can only speak from my own experiences but i can tell you gender equality is very prevalent in utah as is sexual assault on women and children. 90 percent of the women i know has been sexually assaulted either as an adult or as a child including me. Bringing up gender equality association to this horrible problem is not political it is just the truth. Child molestation is such a huge problem in this state that it is all around you but families tend to just sweep it under the rug so you probably have no idea. We can not as a society keep turning a blind eye to it and expect it to go away. We need to put it out in the open and work together to find a solution. - JI G

LDS Church holds meeting for future neighbors of Orem Temple (March 8)

My advice to Orem residents, demand stop signs at the temple parking lot exits onto public streets. We in Payson play dodge ball with exiting patrons as we pass the Payson Temple, the Church refuses to put up stop signs and it is only a matter of time before a major accident occurs. - Lucinda Halter

BYU students protest honor code's stance on same-sex behavior (March 6)

When I went to BYU in the late 60's and early 70's, an outward display of affection (kissing, etc.) was discouraged on campus even between heterosexuals. ANYONE WHO APPLIES TO BYU AGREES TO KEEP THE HONOR CODE THEY ARE GIVEN AS PART OF THE SIGNING UP PROCESS AND IS MADE VERY WELL AWARE THAT IF THEY DO NOT KEEP THEIR PART OF THE AGREEMENT, BYU HAS EVERY RIGHT TO TAKE DISCIPLINARY ACTION. Everyone agrees to the standard when they are admitted. No organization should be forced to lower their standards or change their beliefs for a few people who do not agree with them. Otherwise, there is no longer freedom in this land.

If you are not feeling God's love enough, remember this: God made the commandments. When we keep them or we are humble and repentant, we feel His love for us more. When we don't, we don't feel it as much even though He still always loves us. This includes any commandments He has placed before us. Choosing to go against His commandments and trying to force our will on Him will never bring happiness.- Bonnee Byrne

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