UVU Lehi bldg 2-A

The exterior of the new Utah Valley University building at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, located at 2912 West Executive Parkway.

Trump says he has taken unproven malaria drug to prevent symptoms should he get coronavirus (May 18)

The UN announced that 265 million would die of starvation this year. Hard to know how many would have died anyway, but I guess if you are out of a job in some countries, have no money you can’t buy food. I would suspect these countries need to do business with the western world. Some African nations like Kenya depend a lot on tourism their second biggest source of income. Are we being selfish to lockdown? In Utah 90% of deaths in the elderly so they should stay out of circulation and those under 65 with issues.

Even the depredations of socialist nations in the 20th century hardly came to more than 100 million deaths. — CastYard

Inside Darnell’s Head: Introductions will have come quickly when BYU sports return (May 18)

I’ll have to join in with the sentiment of being sick and tired of the put-off BYU keeps getting from Notre Dame. Being Notre Dame only cuts them so much slack, and Holmoe has been way too polite about it. This is getting to be a clear case of “down the road means never”. Apply whatever pressure necessary, and get their gold domed Irish butts to Provo and play football. They’re not that special. — Wahului

Shapiro: How the Obama administration shattered the rule of law (May 14)

Ben Shapiro (B.S.) is the height of sycophancy, spreading these false deep state theories, to try to prop up Trump’s failing presidency. Our intelligence agencies, the Mueller report and the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee have all concluded that Putin conducted cyberwar on our 2016 elections and that members of the Trump campaign accepted that help. Trump, Barr and B.S. are now trying to hide those facts. — ADP

Shapiro: How the Obama administration shattered the rule of law (May 14)

Ben Shapiro is one of the most articulate debaters when it comes to facts and not emotions. Your supposed facts are over three years without any proof, yet they are regurgitated over and over and over. “The Russians sole the election” is the modern day “dog ate my homework.” The fact that your comment is tagged as “editor’s choice” is just more wood on the funeral pyre of modern journalism. Fake news, fake as the day they were fabricated and even more fake as they are again and again and again regurgitated. And regurgitated is the correct word as they are bile. — flyfishr

UVU finalizes purchase of Thanksgiving Point property (May 14)

I think the taxpayers money would be better spent building two campuses, one in South Utah County, and one in North Utah Country, maybe one in Heber. Make them junior colleges that are separate, and not part of UVU. UVU is on a power grab to control education in Utah county. — piddler

UVU finalizes purchase of Thanksgiving Point property (May 14)

Why does Utah have such an aversion to 2-year community colleges? Arizona with twice the Utah population has 3, 4-year universities along with a Christian based private school. AZ has a full complement of community colleges in support of the 3 universities. Utah has Weber State, SUU, DSU, USU, Utah. I don’t know about Weber but SUU seems to be dying on the vine, reinventing itself continually. Of course it’s far more expensive to build and staff a university than a community college and of course every university must have a sports program even if they have very little fan support, (SUU, UVU). That means lots of travel and lots of subsidies to pay the athletic Dept expenses. — Bobby Paluga

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