Dispelling myths about Utah Lake 01

A wave of muddy water laps up on shore near the Lincoln Beach Marina on Monday, June 22, 2020, west of Spanish Fork. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

Talkback Tuesday

Salt Lake City man, Ogden woman arrested in connection to Provo protest shooting (July 1)

Kaufusi and the chief of police should both resign. By failing to enforce the law and allow rioting on city streets they forced citizens into the hands of dangerous criminals.

When protesters began blocking streets they became rioters. The first amendment protects peaceful assembly and freedom of speech, it does not protect people blocking thoroughfares and menacing drivers and pedestrians.

The failure to enforce the law was dereliction of duty and placed everyone at risk.

The new “freedom to protest” is just another farce, just like the oft repeated “mostly peaceful protest.”

Our leaders have failed and us and continue to do so through cowardice. — John Chiara

Why is the bail so low? $42,980 for an attempted murder caught on camera? Our “justice” system is so broken. — Magic Gate

Second man arrested for allegedly brandishing firearm at protest (July 2)

Why was the shooter allowed to continue for an hour to cause mayhem? He later broke out the window of a woman’s car with his gun. Why did the police not respond to the initial 911 call when the first man was shot? — John Merrill

Separate fact from fiction while dispelling the myths of Utah Lake (July 4)

Utah Lake used to be crystal clear and had its own endemic species of fish, snails, plants and insects ... many of which are now extinct due to pollution.

The lake is nothing like it was when the native tribes lived here. They are also extinct. Killed off in a 15 year war to exterminate them. There’s a statue monument for that extermination in downtown Provo but there isn’t even a Wikipedia page for it. — [V]A[X] [/][-]![L]

One point the article failed to mention is that due to the introduction of invasive aquatic species, i.e Asian Carp, spawning habits cause underwater vegetation to become uprooted and thus, contributes to unsettled sediment. — Annabel O. Nelligan

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox’s lead against Jon Huntsman narrows in Utah governor primary race (July 3)

Cox took campaign money from the NEA. It’s clear that the NEA has its toe-hold into the Utah education system, and it will be the end of real education as we know it here. It’s too bad the governor, lt. gov. and legislators couldn’t get their acts together to pay Utah teachers what they earn. Teachers here are heroes.

Former president of AFT (precursor to NEA), Albert Shanker said, “When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”

You can do the math. Spencer Cox, you’re on notice. — ILUVUSA2

I sure hope Cox wins! Huntsman left last time, because he got a job he felt was more important. I wish voters would educate themselves about the candidates. Clearly, most are still voting for him, because he has his father’s name. — Howard Crossen

The ones in power that have allowed recent “sweetheart” medical contracts against the public’s best interest seem to still be in power. It would take some sort of religious intervention to unseat Sean Reyes and remove the Attorney General position from the criminal column and it is unlikely the Democrats could pull that off in Utah. — Moksha

Utah County health official warned staff about hotspot businesses as county refused to identify them (July 1)

I’m glad that judge forced these Republican county commissioners to release information. There was never any valid reason not to, as no personal medical status for the employees would have been compromised. It is typical for Republicans to rate the economy above the health and safety of county residents, and I hope the voters will remember this, and turn them out of office in November. — FastFreddy

Utah County health official warned staff about hotspot businesses as county refused to identify them (July 1)

Utah County Health Department logo......do as I do not as I say.

I’m glad they stood up to protect their own workers but SADDENED they did so at the risk to the general public. — tom tom