Property dispute 3

A pair of signs rest on a wooden fence on Salem resident Josh Thayer's property on Tuesday, Feb. 2. 


Property line disputes lead to small protest in Salem (Feb. 2)

The whole problem with this, there are always too many gossipers and liars involved in this. As far as the mayor's home, I’m 80 years old and I was there, there was no guns. This is a peaceful protest group that has studied Josh Thayer‘s complaints for the last seven years and found them to be true and so they are trying to get justice served. All Josh and Nubia want is peace to build her house. There’s been lies told that Josh‘s dad is upset with him and so forth and so forth and that is a bunch of lies too because I talk to him myself and he talks to the mayor and the only thing he told the mayor is that he himself would have a fence built between the two. There was no I’ll pay a third, the mayor is so kind he’ll pay third, where that comes from that is a bunch of lies. I’ve watched these poor kids be harassed almost daily, had the police called on them. And told a bunch of lies. Josh’s side has not been told so they do nothing to the crazy neighbors. The only way there’s ever going to be peace is for the Sheriff's Department to do their job, and honor the stalking injunction. And arrest the neighbors that are breaking the stalking injunction. When a neighbor punches you in the eye two times and just pounds on you. Even breaking Joshua's shoulder a while back. They’re a bunch of lies that they told the officers, and it ended with Josh in jail. Then they have to get lawyers so instead of being able to finish building their house they’re paying lawyers and keep them tied up in court. I could tell you story after story that has kept our whole family so stressed for seven years. How many of you have been taken to court to have a jury trial over two chickens? Why were they singled out? I’m not going to go on this post any longer but if anybody wants to talk to me and hear the truth of what’s been going on they’re welcome to contact Josh and get my number. -- Carol Pace

Criminal charges filed against alleged organizers of Utah Lake Halloween party (Feb. 8)

Utah County's District Attorney's have historically been very harsh when it comes to kids dancing.

That isn't about to change.

Many people who defied coronavirus orders and endangered others, like certain business owners ... will not be prosecuted by Utah County ... because those cases don't involve kids dancing, the one thing that the Utah County DA's office hates most of all ... historically speaking, that is. -- [\/]Δ[X] [\]![-]![L]

Orem council develops focus, goals for 2021 (Feb. 7)

I'll be interested to see if House Bill 82 passes and what Orem City's response will be to it. Focusing on neighborhoods is certainly a good priority, but so is loosening up the requirements for an Accessory Housing Unit (ADU). Should HB 82 pass, there would be a uniform set of regulations statewide for ADUs. While Orem has moved recently to allow more ADUs, there might be more that can be created/utilized under a statewide program. Perhaps we'll get to a point where we can have free standing tiny or small homes on sufficiently sized lots, either solely or in conjunction with another, larger residence. And then if we could just get Orem to further loosen up on xeriscaping. -- c00kster

Utah Senate approves bill to prevent parole for convicted murderers who don’t locate bodies (Feb. 6)

The cruelty the Davises endured is appalling. Olsen just wanted a trip to the canyon and said so after he was returned to incarceration after a search for Kiplyn's remains. He shouldn't be paroled. The Davis family will never be released from their sentence. -- Lana Creer-Harris

I agree with this bill. I will email my rep. -- tom tom

Pleasant Grove fantasy theme park Evermore sues Taylor Swift for copyright infringement (Feb. 3)

I can see a conversation like this being possible:

"What was the name of the cool park she told us about?"

"I think it might have been Evermore."

"Let's see ... "

(Type ... type ... type ... )

"No, Google says that's an album by Taylor Swift!"

"Oh, well, I suppose we'll do something else ... " -- Lyle D. Gunderson

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