BYU students look to cancel their housing contracts 01

Julie Brooks, a first-year law student at Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School, poses for a portrait near the campus of BYU on Thursday, March 19, 2020, in Provo. Brooks started a petition calling for BYU-contracted landlords to allow students to immediately terminate their contracts under a clause in the housing contract. The petition has over 18,000 signatures. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

BYU students, landlords at odds over rental agreements during pandemic (March 20)

That wasn’t irony, it was intentional. When BYU recommends that students go home, that student’s apartment no longer has any value to them. As any therapist can tell you, forcing a student to stay here in isolation instead of going home to be with family is not in the student’s best interest. BYU is doing everything they can to keep the value of the education experience as close to the same as they can. They care about the students best interest. -- AnnieB

Must we do this recession dance again? (March 22)

I believe it was Boston that penned the song "Dream On". If I'm wrong please correct me. -- KelownaBC

Utah County Health Department announces first resident COVID-19 case (March 17)

Sounds like a bad cold. Sucks for those who don't take care of their health and immune systems though. The flu has killed about 22,000 in the U.S. so far this year and nobody bats an eye. This is all hyped up in my opinion. -- Iron Addict

BYU grad's science video shows just how easily germs spread (March 21)

Remember this when shopping. A virus could be implanted at the original factory, maybe a factory warehouseman, a truck driver, an inspector, a person offloading in the store, a person stocking the shelves, a person looking at but putting an item back on the shelf, the checkout clerk, the self checkout counter, the person who put plastic bags on the rack, the person who touched the carts, the person who loads the vehicle at the driveup service stall, and on and on and on.... -- Tom Tom

Utah County Jail taking steps to protect employees, inmates from COVID-19 (March 22)

My sister works at the county jail, and her interactions with some of these inmates have helped me realize that they are people, rather than just "criminals" or fill-in-the blank slur. It's increased my empathy, leading me to understand that a lot of times these inmates are just like me, who I could easily have become by going right instead of left years ago. -- Rish Outfield

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