Biden seeks to move quickly and build out his administration

President-elect Joe Biden gestures to supporters Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Talkback Tuesday

Biden wins White House, vowing new direction for divided US (Nov. 7)

I wish to offer a counter opinion: The universe is unfolding as it should and we will be just fine. Put away your hysteria and remain calm. If you still suffer from anxiety, remember to keep your towel close to you. You are a child of God and should behave accordingly. That means no running around waving your hands above your head and shouting words of insurrection. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. — Moksha

Because it doesn’t bring the reality that the Democrats really don’t want to unite the nation — they want to transform the nation. They want a one-party rule and control just like Communist China. They see the Constitution as an obstacle to the power and not as a division of power that protects minorities and the rights of conscience. One of the Biden’s first acts will be to go after the evil Little Sisters of the Poor because they have a moral objection to birth control. Next they will pass the Equality Act and begin to attack Christian churches. Harris is an anti-Catholic bigot as evidenced by judicial hearings. And they are against free speech — by cleverly manipulating the concept of hate speech. I could go on but it is clear that the Democrats have no interest in maintaining the wisdom of the Constitution. — Jacob Peterson

Orem businesses take ‘Stay Safe to Stay Open’ pledge (Nov. 6)

What happens if they don’t? You shut them down? To me that sounds like in order to stay open you must have this sign in your business or else. That not right! All the businesses I’ve gone in follow the guidelines anyway so I don’t think this sign helps in any way other than shame people who may not want this in their business windows. — Julane Ward Powelson

People ARE wearing masks and the Virus continues to run rampant anyway. Maybe wearing masks was NOT the answer! Guess again! What’s next? The same old, same old? Idiots!!!

Seems like things were pretty good for months ... until masks were Forced onto our faces!

Everyone sitting around waiting for someone else to fix it for you.

Get healthy. Build a healthy immune system. Or get sick and die. YOUR CHOICE

You’ve been sitting around pretending you love your family but have done nothing to improve their health.

You throw a mask at them? — Rich Cummings

Mixed reactions in Utah County as Proposition 9 appears to fail (Nov. 4)

Nathan Ivie and Tanner Ainge need to stop blaming Bill Lee every time they do not get their way. They control the county commission and have the votes to do what they want. Ivie was fired by the voters in the primary, and it tells you a lot that Ainge had to release a statement promising to not run for a position in the new government. How disliked are you that that will help your campaign for Prop 9?

I hope new leadership ends the melodrama we have seen. — Long term resident

As a matter of record, Ellsworth is wrong, Ivie isn’t supported, Utah County rejected his reelection, since they voted against Prop 9, it would mean they support Bill Lee, and not Tanner Ainge. It is looking like Ainge won’t win reelection either. — Lazerus1974

Proposition 9 trending toward defeat in Utah County (Nov. 4)

I’m pleased to read this news. I voted against it and I hope that it gets soundly defeated.

This proposition purports to separate executive power, but such power is already separated and (moreover) divided among seven different elected county officers. What this proposition actually does is to concentrate executive power from these seven officers into the hands of a lone county mayor, who can more-easily usurp legislative power from an expanded county council.

While needlessly multiplying county officers to oversee shrinking expanses of unincorporated county land, this proposition also empowers our county commission to shoulder an expanded role of hiking county taxes while increasingly centrally planning our county economy. Which is what Envision Utah seemingly wants for us, and is also what its sponsor (Nathan Ivie) has sought to do as county commissioner. This is also more-or-less what happened in Salt Lake County after it enacted similar reforms two decades ago.

As long as the commission continues to focus on rights-defense rather than central planning, it has no need to expand. — David Edward Garber

The issue I see with Prop 9, and why I voted against, is that it take a huge county, most of which is rural, and puts its government into the hands of the most densely populated centers. By dividing the county into several equally populated districts, each of which contains a large city population, the rural voice is divided in such a way that it would be entirely overcome by the large cities. All county regulation would be made and administered by the population centers, effectively leaving the rural communities of Utah County without a voice. Each of the cities in Utah County already has a mayor and city council, a police department, city utilities, building codes, etc. to regulate life in the city and are largely unaffected by county regulation. I do not see a need for a council in the county government, elected and manipulated by the population of the largest cities, when that county government is largely responsible for the handling of issues outside those cities. Remember, most of Utah County is rural. The residents of rural Utah County would lose their voice altogether in the regulation of the county if Prop 9 were passed. — Tony Henrie

After what happened earlier this year with the SLC County Mayor’s bullying tactics in the handling of COVID-19, I don’t think anyone down here wanted a similar model to what they have up there. Down here there was less fear and more willingness to wear masks because we could and did choose to do so. There was choice, not fear tactics. Maybe there was bad information or bad representation of the proposal ... but actions speak louder than words and the county mayor in Salt Lake is what sunk Prop 9 for me. — Julie Hill Nielson

I think many people automatically vote “no” for propositions without carefully studying the issues behind them. This is one proposition that should have passed. Commissioner Lee’s misleading comments about (1) increasing the size and cost of government and (2) voters having their voting power reduced may have persuaded many voters to cast ballots against this proposition. Those in favor should have done a better job of publicizing the positives. — Will