Miner protest

Protesters gathered outside of Dr. Joseph Miner's house in Springville on Thursday night.

Talkback Tuesday

Utah Medical Association condemns protests at state officials’ homes (Oct. 30)

I guess “do unto others” doesn’t apply here? “What fools these mortals be!” — Ron Hathcock

I am sad to see people upset on all sides of this ... so let’s look at the facts ... anything that protects one’s health, the health of their families, the health of others ... why not do it? ... Very arrogant seem those that have so little concern for others or themselves. ... I am sorry to see this as Utah is usually one of the best Places in the world to be. — AliJane Johnson

I would hope that everyone agrees we should do all we can to take care of our own health and promote the health of others as well. These protesters are not saying we should be unhealthy. The protest is about government overreach in ordering the citizens of Utah to be healthy. Consider New York City’s attempt at soda portion regulation. I think it’s a great idea to limit one’s soda intake, and most doctors would agree, but is it the proper role of government to codify the amount you are allowed to be served? Is it the proper role of government to determine which industries are essential or not? Would you feel the same way if you ran a “nonessential” business that was mandated to close its doors? When people assert that wearing a mask is a small inconvenience and that we should all just mask up, I say go for it if you feel that will help you and those around you be healthy. But to be mandated by health officials is an entirely different story.

Yes, let’s definitely do all that we can, but I personally get very concerned when people feel that doing all we can includes abdicating our individual rights to a bureaucracy that is not accountable to the voice of the state’s citizens. — 123

I remember being bullied in junior high almost daily by the thugs that went there ... but I never once considered how their fists might have been bruised or the emotional toll their pushing me into lockers and garbage cans must have caused them. Thanks for opening my eyes, Ms. Nielsen. — Rish Outfield

Neither Dr. Miner nor Dr. Dunn have the power to lock down or deny or mandate. They are scientists giving their best advice regarding public health during a pandemic. Governor Herbert and other elected officials have not abrogated any of the power we gave them. They are still the ones calling the shots (despite any wimpy buck passing they might claim). Yes, their decisions are often based on the advice given by the experts they surround themselves with, but if it were up to the public health officials alone, the lockdowns would have happened much sooner and lasted much longer. Protesting at the homes of unelected public servants will do nothing to change their minds. Nor will it change public policy. Scientists only look at the science. Real science. Not at people shouting slogans or waving signs. I get that people are frustrated that their emails or letters may have gone unanswered. But what do you expect when public health officials are swamped, working overtime to address a pandemic? Protesting at their homes will not get them to answer you any quicker. In fact, it is more likely to get you permanently relegated to junk mail. — Skinni

In the days of yellow fever and cholera, the public health department did not have to mandate anything. Yellow fever killed 10% of the population. During the black plague people weren’t sitting around assessing how bad the black plague was. Ya know “bring out yer dead?” Ya ... they were burying people and burning their belongings. There was REAL danger. Everyone took precautions on his or her own. Most people appreciate freedom of choice and will instinctively choose survival. We don’t need the Dr. Faucis of the world to tell us how to survive. At least I don’t. The public education system, social media and the MSM has been all too successful, the sheeple are acquiescing as planned. Read the book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” by Klaus Schwab, he refers to us as cattle. Cows ... sheep ... it’s all the same to the elites.

This COVID-1984 is a sham. It’s a tool.

Look up Event 201. It happened last year in October. Now how did Bill Gates and the elites at John’s Hopkins and the world economic forum know this was coming?? Hmmm ... Look up The Great Reset. Do your own research and wake up to our awful situation. The Gadiantons have gotten above us. — Suzanne Montague

I appreciate that the Daily Herald has a more balanced reporting of this than Deseret (News). I avoid one-sided reporting as I don’t consider that real news. While I don’t condone protesting at anyone’s home, I’m sure that this is all new to them and all of us on how to handle the situation that we find ourselves in, double that with the confusion that they are also working from home, while I would advise a different route I don’t think they deserve to be vilified. Governor Herbert should not have passed so much power over to the health department. The health department should never have this much power over our lives and we need to change that through legislation. There are many views on this controversial health topic and I don’t think Angela Dunn is the most qualified for the task. I don’t know who put her in charge but no offense to her, we are not fortunate to have her, she is hurting our state and hurting our children. We must find someone else. We will need to do this through legislation. Please contact your legislators. — Laura