BYU volleyball’s Wil Stanley eyes future with Cougars (March 24)

Played against Wil’s dad, Jon, while he playing with Outrigger. Very tough player even then. I guess I can be counted as one of those thousands who played for BYU in the Smith Fieldhouse--back in the day when they still called throws, sideout scoring was the norm, games were called games and not sets (still don’t understand that change), and before the court was named for Coach Michaelis. — c00kster

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert introduces three-phase plan to support state economy, calls for special session (March 24)

Grandiose ideas about Better Living Through Government™ generally prove counterproductive. Government is to business and/or economics what a “brown thumb” is to gardening. I’d love for the state to simply help defend everyone’s rights as needed and, otherwise, keep out of the way. We’re adults---we can handle this. — David Edward Garber

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert introduces three-phase plan to support state economy, calls for special session

I think what we are doing now should continue for at least 2 weeks. Then a new assessment could be made if things could open up. Utah’s new case rate has leveled off from what I can tell running around 50 new cases a day, but by no means an exponential growth. The death rate from the flu averages around 150 a day presuming 50,000 deaths a year. No one wants any deaths, but absence of an economy also causes deaths. I don’t know the figures so I can’t say what death rate can we tolerate. Mr. Herbert suggests school could resume May 1. I think that is a good goal, but I am sure it is not set in concrete. If the professors are correct the true rate of the disease could be 20-30 times more. That would be good news. If new drugs and vaccines become available by Fall one might hope that an anticipated surge in the cooler weather might not occur. — CastYard

Utah governor tells people to stay home to combat COVID-19 (March 27)

I am astounded by the number of families shopping together. Leave your children at home. Don’t let them wander the streets with friends, or take them to the park to play amongst each other. And so many elderly people shopping. Step up children, neighbors, home teachers or whatever they’re called now. (Ministering somethings). Be mindful of others and Stop hoarding. The food storage you already have as advised by the Church should sustain you. Please respect social distancing, and be kind to the Essential workers serving you. “Stay home, Stay safe.” — BDubW

Trump signs $2.2T stimulus after swift congressional votes (March 27)

the economy “may well be in recession” already, and the government reported a shocking 3.3 million burst of weekly jobless claims, more than four times the previous record. The U.S. death toll from the virus rose to 1,300.

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top China’s.

The U.S. has overtaken China as the country with the most cases in the world of the novel coronavirus, marking a new milestone in the fight against the global pandemic.

China had held the top spot since the deadly virus began spreading there in December.

The U.S. has only a fraction of China’s population, with just over 330 million residents compared with 1.4 billion in China. — tom tom