Utah County Health and Justice Building: Stock Photos - Provo 01

The Utah County Health and Justice Building is pictured Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018, in Provo. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

Do you have a face mask, and are you wearing it? (May 5)

I have a mask but only wear it to go into places that require it. I just took a trip on Delta which requires them (sort of) but you have to take it off to eat or drink. That means that there are large chunks of time when most aren’t wearing them so the effectiveness (if there is any effectiveness) of wearing them is near meaningless. On top of that, there were some who didn’t wear them at all and no one said anything. Also, there was a dog on the flight with some gastro-intestinal problems and the mask did nothing to stop the odor from penetrating into my nostrils.

When you look at the models, flattening the curve does not save lives. It only delays the loss of lives by spreading them out over a longer period. We need to get this country back to work and try to salvage our economy. I’m willing to play games such as wearing a mask if we can get back to supporting and feeding our families which, if we don’t, is going to cause greater problems for years to come. Let’s keep grandma and grandpa isolated but the rest of us need to get back to living. — William Tarkenoff

Life returns to Utah County malls, outlets (May 7)

Yeah, we’ll see how strict those guidelines stay when the first gun-toter starts screaming about having to wear a mask. You couldn’t pay me to walk into one of those places right now. A chilling number of folks can’t even wear a mask and follow the arrows in a GROCERY STORE. You think they’re going to bother in a MALL???

We’re not even close to having this under control. I expect to start seeing spikes in the next two weeks. — Traci L.

2 Utah County businesses told staff to ignore COVID-19 guidelines, resulting in 68 positive cases (May 5)

Many of those commenting here should be ashamed of themselves. You want to name names and shame the businesses. How badly do you want to punish them? Maybe shut them down? The net result would be longer term unemployment. I suspect the employees were glad to get back to work.

The problem that I see is that even those who knew they were sick were supposed to return to work. But that’s a societal problem, and not unique to COVID-19. If one has the flu, or a bad cold, etc. one should not go to work or to church or the movies or whatever. If you can find any good numbers (I like Iceland because they’re trying to test everyone and so many with COVID-19 are asymptomatic: https://www.covid.is/data) you see that what we’re dealing with isn’t really worse than the flu.

Please stop with the anger and the fear. We’ve seen things like this before, the main difference is how everyone is reacting. — Chris Hansen

2 Utah County businesses told staff to ignore COVID-19 guidelines, resulting in 68 positive cases (May 5)

Name the business, cowards. If the state officials aren’t going to hold the business owners accountable for this, then WE need to by not giving that business our money. Why not name the business so that fewer people go there? If they’re not following guidelines it will spread infection. If consumers are made aware they’re not following the guidelines, they will not go there and are less likely to get infected. Sure seems odd that we’re more interested in protecting this business well-being than the people getting infected by them. — Izzy Frozen

2 Utah County businesses told staff to ignore COVID-19 guidelines, resulting in 68 positive cases (May 5)

This article is more of the propaganda of we know better than you, so do what we say. We are in charge, just be sheep. Live your lives in fear. Not one mention of were any hospitalized, did they recover, were they a symptomatic, etc. Nope, just these really naughty businesses didn’t listen to us. I would like to know the businesses as well. They just might have actually been quote essential businesses that needed to stay open. — three a day

LDS temples to reopen in a phased plan (May 7)

Folks, the pain has not really started yet. In about 6 months, after 100s of thousands of bankruptcies, business failures, foreclosures, and evictions, you will see real pain. The masses will be screaming for someone to blame.

This should have been treated as a medical emergency, but it has been turned into an economic disaster. — Woodworker