Talkback Tuesday

Citing health threat, Utah animal rights group asks Herbert to shut down mink farms (Oct. 16)

Would we even be discussing whether COVID can be transmitted from minks to humans if we didn’t have mink fur farms in the first place? Who gave us the right to capture animals in the wild and put them on fur farms and torture them so someone can wear a fur coat or a fur-trimmed piece of clothing? Seriously, who gave us that right? Because it sure wasn’t God. In the Bible, when Adam and Eve saw that they were naked, they made fig leaves to cover themselves up; they didn’t kill an animal to cover their shame. And any human wearing fur is indeed shameful. Compassion need be the ONLY fashion we wear, and that is relevant whether it be COVID or not COVID. Blessings. — Timothy J. Verret

The chances of the mink at the farms being caught in the wild and put in cages is slim to none. At this point the mink in mink “farms” is coming from a breeding program. This is done in much the same way as cattle, and other farmed populations of animals are bred and maintained. Animal products are found in most products that are not made with environmentally harmful synthetics. Although I agree that fur coats are not necessary, the fur is not the only portion of the mink used in products. Many products containing mink oil are used daily. A common use of mink oil is the treatment of leather shoes, baseball gloves, car seats, chairs, couches or other leather products. The mink oil protects the leather and keeps it pliable to prevent cracking. It is also used in some hypoallergenic cosmetics, hair conditioners, skin treatments, etc., because it does not trigger allergies in most people. Although people tend to focus on the fur trade because fur coats are symbols of the wealthy and have historically been used to demonstrate the possession of excess wealth, the other uses of mink products are not used in the negative campaigns. This is due to the more common use of other mink products in items used by common people on a day to day basis. — Crazybeau

No charges for officer accused of sharing victim’s photos (Oct. 16)

What else has been shared by the U “rent-a-cops”? They are law enforcement in name only. No ethics. No standards. No privacy for victims. Disgusting!! — Lana Creer-Harris

Tenant at student housing in Orem evicted due to suicidal thoughts (Oct. 16)

My daughter worked for a group of psychologists. One day a week two of them worked with suicidal people. She said they had only lost one patient. So such a person should be going to a psychologist. As for eviction this is about the worst reason to evict anyone. Eviction is hard anyway in Utah as the laws protect the tenant much more than the landlord. We have had a little rental and once we evicted a couple, and I am sorry we did it. It was costly and much more of a headache than keeping them. — What in Tucket Google

There’s ignorance, and then there’s being a sociopath. You don’t need to be a mental health expert to figure out that evicting someone for having suicidal thoughts is an outrageously sick, twisted thing to do. I hope this wretched excuse for a housing company get sued out of existence. — Christopher Randall Nicholson

I’ve read some research that said the average person contemplates suicide four to six times in their life. I don’t know how true that is, but it seems plausible. So, evicting someone for have thoughts that most people have sometime in their life is pretty awful, especially when it will just make those thoughts worse! — Talon Jensen

“A local tenant at the Ventana student housing complex in Orem is facing eviction after voicing suicidal thoughts to her roommates.”

That is not exactly the kind of help one gives. — Harold Maio

Future of Timpview High School has been decided, interest rates are dependent on voters (Oct. 14)

Provo resident ... my property tax has increased 67% over the last five years due to increases in tax rate and property value. Two problems here ... ever-increasing appetite to increase tax rates, and inflated property values.

The influx of money from states with disproportional property valuations compared to Utah needs to be countered somehow to reduce runaway increases in accessed property tax.

I would love to see a cap on the allowed annual increase in property tax due to an increase of property valuation — similar logic for decrease in valuations. Effectively this creates a more stable and predicable forecast for tax revenue by limiting the magnitude of up and down swings. This also helps to shield long-time residents from ridiculous increases in property valuation due to influx of outside money and near zero interest rates. — Ryan O

‘New Leash on Life’ pairs abused dogs, inmates in training exercise (Oct. 17)

Saving both dogs and people, it’s a good thing. — Mark W. Miner

Any socialization and obedience training will enhance an animal’s chance of adoption. The inmates can only benefit from the program. I see no downside. — tom tom