Wright: Reforming the honor code and its office

A recent controversy has erupted at Brigham Young University and has the students up in arms.

The issue is the school’s long-standing honor code, which sets baseline expectations for every student attending the university. Recently however, students have accused the code and the office which enforces it of being overly harsh, strict and invading privacy. This has caused an uproar within the student body that has reached a boiling point.

Several students at the university feel that they are being threatened and bullied into compliance with the code. This situation has now reached media outlets and has been alarming to many people in Utah including current students, alumni and even people that have never attended the university.

My proposed solution is to first, shut down the Honor Code Office. The reason for doing this is to alleviate any immediate pressures that the students might feel. Second, would be to redraft the honor code of BYU. The idea for this would be to allow student to feel more comfortable in their college experience, to obtain the education they expect and still live up to the standards the school expects of them. In conclusion, that the last solution to this major situation would be to put in place new, less intrusive methods in enforcing the revamped honor code.

Additionally, the school should issue an apology to those who’s education or academic standing were damaged by the harsh enforcement of the current honor code.

— Kylie Wright, Orem