Residents want to see urban centers, westward growth to accommodate Utah County's booming population, survey finds (Feb. 8)

This vision statement may be technically voluntary, but I expect that many Utah County politicians will adopt it as their guide for centrally-planning the local economy. It will be interesting to see which politicians do so and which politicians defy it to protect free markets.

Provo's Vision 2030/2050 isn't official city code, either, but Provo's city council has been very open about the fact that they've been using Vision 2030/2050 as a central-planning guide while gradually transforming it into actual city code.

#FreeProvo - David Edward Garber

Jon Huntsman Jr. announces Provo mayor as his running mate (Feb. 7)

Say it isn’t true! The woman who believed her bond was more important than taking care of our dilapidated schools for our children. No way! Huntsman won’t get my vote. Just when I thought it had hit rock bottom with Romney, we get this announcement! What a week for Utah. - Conform

Provo student attempting to pay off $17,000 in district lunch fees (Feb. 6)

I love what Ms. Viveiros is attempting, and wish her success. Perhaps Ms. Viveiros can convince the school to use some of the Sub for Santa money they collect each year at Timpview to pay off the student lunches bills. That would be more impactful than a bunch of toys. - Steven Nordstrom