Thumbs Up: Nothing can bring a community together quicker than tragedy. Colby Gruel died in May after an accident in a church parking lot. The teen has been described as infinitely positive and someone who was friends with anyone, no matter what their age or social status at school. A group of more than 100 people hiked Tuesday evening to the G in Pleasant Grove with spotlights to remember Colby on what would have been his 18th birthday. The lights could be seen from the valley, and the event stands as a testament to the type of life that Colby led.

Thumbs Up: To wedding season finally being over. I may have lost it if I had to pose in front of one more reception venue one more time.

Thumbs Up: To Orem City Council candidate Nichelle Jensen getting enough votes to move on to the November general election. Her platform, voice and background are a breath of fresh air in comparison to the homogenous candidates typically voted in. She would be a great person to represent a large chunk of Orem’s population that usually does not get enough representation, including parents with young kids, minorities and women.

Thumbs down: To the pathetically small amount of people who voted in the municipal primary election. Final results came out recently, revealing smaller cities’ candidates only getting a few hundred votes each, and larger cities’ candidates getting a few thousand or less. City councils have a large influence on our lives. More citizens’ views should have been voiced in this voting process.

Thumbs Up: It’s been fun to have the BYU-Utah football game start the season with all the rivalry talk and excitement ... but it will also be great for both teams to move on after Thursday night to the other challenges of the 2019 season.

Thumbs Down: Some fans on both sides of the BYU-Utah rivalry get carried away by being antagonistic toward the other side. Promoting your favorite team is great but please limit the negativity.

Thumbs Down: To the Orem City Council for not being more proactive in searching for new payroll options to maintain and keep veteran police, fire and dispatch personnel. The outcry from residents, current and former officers and family members has been steady for weeks, if not months, even before the current fiscal budget was tentatively approved in June. This is disconcerting and should be figured out before moving on to any other project no matter how big or small.

Thumbs Up: To Mayor Michelle Kaufusi for her unwavering and enthusiastic support of the BYU football team. We understand she has a conflict of interest potentially but watching her videos and noting that she is wearing her son’s helmets and No. 90 jerseys to staff meetings and tossing a football to get answers from people has made “Holy Week” more than just about the rivalry.

Thumbs Up: To all first responders in Utah County including police, sheriff, fire, search and rescue, dispatchers and EMTs who work hard often with little recognition and low pay to keep this area safe. You are appreciated.

Thumbs Down: I know the construction in the county has really been the beaten dead horse, but it was so noticeable during the BYU-Utah football game Thursday night. Navigating Provo is already like navigating a labyrinth. Add 60,000 people to the mix, and it gets to be a bit of a mess.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down includes submissions from the entire Daily Herald staff, and are not necessarily the opinion of the Daily Herald.