Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up: To the men and women who have had the vision and courage to run for civic office in Utah County. What they are doing is building about community and how we work, live and play with those around us no matter who they are or how they worship or political persuasion. As we come closer to Election Day, take time to thank those who have put themselves out in front and in some cases taken the blows that come with campaigning. Congratulations to all of the candidates.

Thumbs Up: To Orem's NPS store and the new partnership they have made with the United Way of Utah County and its non-profit partners. NPS delivered and will deliver in the future thousands of new children's and teen books to be used by children at places like the South Franklin Community Center, EveryDay Learners Program and Sub For Santa, among others. This is just another way business joins non-profits in serving the community.

Thumbs Up: the apple cider sorbet at Rockwell Creamery is the work of angels.

Thumbs Down: The weather this week made it way too cold for ice cream, which is never a good day.

Thumbs Down: Wind. That's all. I hate wind. It wouldn't be half as cold if it wasn't WINDY.

Thumbs Down: It's cold as (something my editor won't let me put in print). When did we get January temperatures? There's nothing like Halloween costumes with snowpants and jackets over them. Let's take a few days to enjoy cuddling in mounds of blankets and soup, and then hopefully get back to some warmer fall temperatures.

Thumbs Down: When I voted for John Curtis, I expected him to not be a rank-and-file Republican. He'd remarked on countless occasions his disappointment in Trump's behaviors and appeared to be a more moderate choice. But after not voting for making the impeachment inquiry public, Curtis put party first. The whole point of the vote was to create transparency, which is exactly what the Republican party wanted in this process. This was not a vote for impeachment, but a vote to keep U.S. citizens better informed, and Curtis voted instead to keep his constituents in the dark.

Thumbs Up: To Halloween! It's a very bizarre concept at face value. We open our door to complete strangers wearing masks and face paint and instead of telling them to get off our property, we provide them with candy. But despite this, it's one of my favorite times to see the creativity of others and give them a little confectionary reward in return.

Thumbs Up: Mapleton's first full-time fire chief celebrated a year of service recently. The community has been helped in immeasurable ways with the full-time fire chief, from response times to community engagement, and even home insurance rates.

Thumbs Down: To candidates who don't know the bounds of city council members. Many candidates are making promises and guarantees that they simply can't make. Political candidates need to be educated on what they can and cannot do in their prospective elected position well before the run for city council and make empty promises.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down includes submissions from the entire Daily Herald staff, and are not necessarily the opinion of the Daily Herald.

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