Thumbs up: To the more than 2,000 volunteers that participated in the United Way Day of Caring service projects Thursday. Sprucing up the community and areas in which we live in contributing to a better and healthier environment. Whether you washed windows, put in landscaping, painted at a school or read to children, these volunteers make a difference.

Thumbs up: To the UVX route, whose ridership has more than doubled its first two years’ projection in the first year. Those who ride are helping our environment and keeping cars off the road. Happy Birthday UVX.

Thumbs up: A huge thank you to the police officers, troopers, deputies, firefighters, dispatchers, paramedics, search and rescue members, and everyone else involved in protecting our community and responding to crisis situations. Most of us never think of you except in an emergency or on holidays, but you are out there every day and every hour to provide protection and support to us. Thank you for everything you do and all the sleep and emotional stability and personal safety you sacrifice to serve others.

Thumbs up: To the fabulous thunderstorm for flooding the street outside my house so I could drive really fast up and down the road and splash water everywhere. Oh, and for keeping the outdoors all green and pretty. That too.

Thumbs down: To the upcoming presidential election where all the popular candidates are over 70. With all due respect, I have trouble trusting a 70-something person to take control of running an entire country, present leadership included. What happened to electing candidates who are a little younger, more involved and better connected to their constituents?

Thumbs up: BYU football fans showed up at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee, and not only were loud in support of their team but also left a lasting impression on members of the Knoxville police and Volunteer fans. We hope Cougar fans in Utah can exhibit the same characteristics this weekend when they welcome USC to Provo.

Thumbs up: BYU women’s soccer beat Utah, 2-0, last Friday for their fifth straight win in the rivalry series. The Cougars might not have defeated the Utes in football in a long time but BYU has certainly achieved plenty of success against Utah in other sports.

Thumbs up: Happy fake fall, y’all! It may only be one day, but Wednesday was a nice break from the scorching temperatures we’ve had this summer. And doesn’t Mount Timpanogos look perfect with a light dusting of snow?

Thumbs up: Congratulations to Makenzie Weatherspoon of Lehi! The 15-year-old Lehi High School student just won her first international medal in archery. She’s an archery powerhouse, and is well on her way to becoming the best archer in the world.

Thumbs down: STDs should not be as prevalent as they are, and yet, according to Health Department data, Utah County has higher STD rates every year. We need better education, better preventative means and better early treatments to help mitigate this. We can’t just assume that teenagers won’t have sex, and then when they do, it’s their fault. We share blame in not properly equipping them with the tools necessary to prevent STD infections.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down includes submissions from the entire Daily Herald staff, and are not necessarily the opinion of the Daily Herald.