Everyday Hero: Durst's off-road wheelchairs

The feet of Sam Durst in an off-road wheelchair that has allowed him to access hikes and activities he would not be able to do whithout this wheelchair, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019. (Photo by Johnny Morris, special to the Daily Herald)

THUMBS UP: To all the moms, dads, grandparents and other family and friends who worked so hard to make Thanksgiving meal Thursday, and for enduring the Christmas decorating detail and Black Friday shopping. Let the festivities begin. Also don't forget thanking those who need it for the hard work at keeping traditions alive. A special thumbs up for those who gave a meal to others, be it in soup kitchens, churches or in parks and in quiet places to make it a bit nicer as we begin the numerous holiday and celebration season.

THUMBS UP: Extreme Modus Off-roading Wheelchairs brings joy and adventure into the lives of those who may not have the capability but the fortitude to venture off and see the planet and places they could otherwise never go. This Orem company is blessing the lives of many through innovation and smart thinking.

THUMBS DOWN: Rudy Gobert's ankle injury. The Jazz really need you back, Rudy.

THUMBS UP: BYU-Idaho reversing its Medicaid policy and deciding to accept Medicaid as a student health insurance option. It was ridiculous they were trying to pull this out from under students in the first place, especially without consulting local health care providers.

THUMBS UP: Lumen Scholar Institute saw that there was a problem with youth suicides in the county, and they're trying to do something proactive about it. The school's students are making thousands of bracelets and will be doing presentations in elementary schools to help convince students to reach out to others and form connections in order to avoid isolation. This is an ambitious project, and hopefully it helps to make a difference in our county.

THUMBS UP: The BYU men's basketball team had a solid showing in the Maui tournament, surprising many fans. If the Cougars keep improving and really click when Yoeli Childs returns, then this could be a very interesting winter for BYU.

THUMBS UP: High school basketball is back, starting off with the exciting Utah Valley Tip-Off Classic at the UCCU Center. There was a lot of great games, indicating that it should be another fun season on the hardwood.

THUMBS UP: Admittedly, Bill Walton walks a bit on the wild and wacky side when it comes to providing color analysis to college basketball games on ESPN. But he manages to throw out so many interesting little tidbits that make the broadcasts eminently entertaining. Listening to him announce the BYU-UCLA men's basketball game in Hawaii this week, for example, was a fun and crazy ride. Especially when he is disagreeing vehemently with his play-by-play man.

THUMBS UP: C'mon, Mother Nature, give me a break! You tease us with great weather all fall long, then just coincidentally decide to send the mother of all snow storms across Utah -- with dire warnings not to drive anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary -- throughout the Thanksgiving break? Are you kidding me? (And if these dire warnings prove to be much ado about nothing -- TV weather forecasters would never be wrong about something like this, right? -- then you can read about it in this same space next week!)

THUMBS UP: A bill is making its way through Congress, originating with Utah Rep. Ben McAdams, working to provide greater relief to victims of Ponzi schemes. Utah is thoroughly acquainted with this kind of white collar crime of fraud. After all, it's the leading state in the country for the rate of Ponzi schemes. And what that also means is there are a lot of Utahns who have sadly fallen victim to these investment fraud schemes and are out thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars and little to no chance to recover the lost money. This new bill allows the statute of limitations to recover gains lost to 14 years from five.

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