To all the high school basketball teams that are battling rivals for region supremacy. It certainly makes for a lot of exciting games.

To late-night BYU basketball start times. We know TV pays a lot of money for the right to show games when they want but it’s still sad that kids are going to miss out on some big Cougar contests like Thursday’s Saint Mary’s game because it doesn’t start until 9 p.m. MT.

Let’s take a step back and look at priorities in this country. Missiles hit Iraqi military bases where American soldiers are stationed, and while early chatter online discussed the possibility of a potential 30 casualties, many were quick to want to go to war, which costs billions and then trillions of dollars and leads to civilian casualties and the destruction of a way of life. But when dozens of children are mowed down in a school shooting, people sit on their hands, and claim that any interventions would be disruptive (like gun control) or too expensive (like enhancing mental health treatment). More children are being killed in school shootings than U.S. military members in current conflict zones, but when you look at the budgets and outrage, it’s clear that we only value one of these groups.

To Wild Wonders, a wildlife rescue program in Genola that offers hands-on educational tours to Utah residents. Our own McKenna Park did a tour and got to play with a fox, skunk and kinkajou (all of which I am extremely jealous of). Not only is Wild Wonders doing a great thing by rescuing wildlife, but it lets Utahns interact with these animals. What a unique and heartwarming service.

To Utah Gov. Gary Herbert calling for a freeze on college tuition increases in his annual budget proposal. Tuition rates in Utah and across the country have steadily risen for years, making college less affordable and therefore less accessible. As a recent college graduate, I am happy the governor is doing something to help out Utah’s future college and university students and ensure that everyone can pursue higher education.

To Provo Planning Commission unanimously giving their stamp of approval to a zone amendment change allowing microbreweries or brew pubs in the downtown zones and regional shopping center zone. The high-end family restaurant approach to onsite craft beer and soda brewing rather than buying from distributors will give Provo its own unique style. Residents, tourists and conventioners will also have a choice rather than going to the two bars in the downtown area. We encourage the Municipal Council to now look closely at the commission’s approval and why. With more education and approval, this will be a plus not a minus for downtown Provo.

To Gov. Gary Herbert for being bold and asking for $100 million in his newly released budget request for tackling the air quality issues in Utah. This is a step in the right direction not only for those who currently live here but for those of the next generation who would like to call Utah a safe and clean environmental home.

To people who literally judge a book its cover. Feedback on stories is appreciated and encouraged. Rash judgments based primarily on misreading an accurate headline are not really productive. Pro tip: If you want to complain about a story, make sure to read it first. You might be surprised to find the main source of your complaint has already been addressed in the story itself.

Ricky Gervais’ monologue at the Golden Globes on Sunday was a sight to behold. His scathing mockery of perceived Hollywood hypocrisies — or was it an impression of Al Pacino from “Scent of a Woman”? (“I’m going to take a flame thrower to this place!”) — is not something you typically see from awards show hosts. In fact, it could be said that his biting of the proverbial hand that fed him turned out to be the only non-vegan item on the menu. The resulting Tom Hanks memes alone will keep this night memorable for years to come.

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