To a new year and a new decade. May the goals we set today last at least until next week.

To outcomes of the Frisco, SoFi Hawaii and Alamo bowls. Utah State, BYU and Utah all represented the state and their individual fanbases in bowl games this year, and all three laid unadulterated eggs. Their three opponents combined for 16 losses on the season, and not one of the in-state teams could manage a win against the lot of them? The Aggies lost to a team nicknamed the Golden Flashes. Really? The Cougars were afraid to run for 2 yards in two plays to beat porous Hawaii. Utah’s loss was especially egregious, a 38-10 blowout to a five-loss Texas team. It’s pretty humbling when the only satisfaction any of these fanbases can take from the postseason is bragging about which rival lost in the most humiliating fashion.

Thanks to all local road crew agencies. Despite the latest TV meteorologist-predicted “storm of the decade” happening on New Year’s Day, crews worked through the night and day to keep the roads and freeways in pretty great shape for holiday travel on Wednesday.

A special shout out to everyone who got their flu shot this season. The shot not only protects them but also those who are especially at risk, which includes the elderly, infants and people who have medical conditions that disqualify them from receiving the shot. If you haven’t, it’s not too late. The flu season is expected to peak again in February, which means that you have a few weeks left to get it.

Sing it with me — it’s the most horrible time of the year. January sucks. There’s no sugarcoating it. The sky is overcast, we’re over snow and there’s no shiny lights to distract us.

One more time for theater friend and director Jerry Elison who died Dec. 21 during the run of “A Christmas Carol” he directed at Hale Center Theater Orem. Anne Swenson and all the staff at Hale Center mourn his loss. Elison directed shows at the theater for 25 years. With Sundance Summer Theater and the SCERA Center for the Arts, Elison has directed well over 100 stage productions over the past four decades.

To all the new council members throughout Utah County as they start 2020. Pay attention to your in-house training, read your packets before council and remember the public voted for you to be their representative in decision-making for the betterment of the community. It is your job reciprocate by serving them to the best of your ability.

To snowstorms. The new year started off with slippery roads and low-visibility as it snowed throughout the night and day in Utah County. In Provo Canyon on New Year’s Day, a car rolled off the road and landed upside down in the Provo River, and a Utah Highway Patrol truck on the scene was hit by another car. Slow down and stay safe when driving conditions are less than optimal.

The New Year is a time for commitment to change. That means many of the area’s gyms will be full of new users. Their willingness to get, and hopefully stay, healthy should be applauded. In the meantime, the data doesn’t lie. Many of these folks will attend local gyms for the next month and slowly stop attending. That means that the regular users are left struggling through January and part of February waiting for equipment, not using the locker they’re used to and uncomfortably navigating the increased foot traffic until attendance returns to normal. Stay patient workout junkies. Attendance will return to normal soon enough.

To the Keller Family and friends in Orem who continue a long tradition of delivering hot, homemade bread to hundreds of families on New Year’s Day. The bread is delicious. Another thumbs up to the local bakeries who over the years have opened their commercial kitchens to make sure the job gets done and ready for halftime munching. Hint: The hot bread is really good with real butter and homemade jams and jellies.

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