Happy suffrage anniversary! Utah women have had the right to vote in the state for 150 years now. Which, when you think about it, isn’t a lot of time, even though we were the first in the nation to make the room. As Utah moves forward, let’s continue thinking about women, include women in the conversations and, even better, have women lead the conversations. Don’t make decisions about women without women, and work to help boost each other up.

Deaf employees face higher rates of unemployment than their hearing counterparts, which can at least partially be attributed to employers being unwilling to hire an interpreter for a job interview. Deaf individuals can perform their jobs just as well as hearing people can, all it takes is being a little creative about how some daily communication takes place. To the deaf, keep trying. To employers, do better.

Looking for a different way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Utah County? Check out a performance of “Deep Love: A Ghostly Rock Opera” on Friday night at Velour Live Music Gallery. Rumor has it that “Deep Love” is a many splendored thing.

To the dog and pony show that was the Houston Astros press conference Thursday where owner Jim Crane and players Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve “addressed” the team’s confirmed cheating during its 2017 World Series championship season. Well, if you consider Bregman and Altuve making extremely brief apologies without taking questions, and Crane saying he doesn’t believe what the team did had any impact on its championship and being unwilling to actually refer to it as “cheating” to meet the standard of addressing the issue. Let’s put it this way, this baseball fan will not be satisfied until the Astros’ 2017 championship is ripped away from them and George Costanza is allowed to tie the trophy to his car bumper and drag it around and around the parking lot directly outside of Minute Maid Park.

To mother nature, who according to Dave Decker, director of the Provo Public Works Department, has given us a moderate winter in the valleys but put us ahead in the mountains and high water sheds. That’s the way to do it.

To Orem city for seeking a new neighborhood program that would get information to residents quicker and concerns to the city faster. That is a way to keep in touch with what is happening.

To the Utah Legislature considering a multi-million dollar affordable housing bill. Sen. Jacob Anderegg, R-Lehi, is sponsoring a bill that would put hundreds of millions toward building affordable housing and preserving already existing affordable units, as well as subsiding families at risk of eviction. According to Anderegg, the bill is based on recommendations from the Utah Commission on Housing Affordability. Addressing the lack of affordable housing in Utah should be a top priority for the Legislature, and it is great to see a local lawmaker leading the charge.

To the opening of Strides Pediatric Therapy, an Eagle Mountain-based program that uses horses to provide equine therapy for children with physical disabilities. This unique form of therapy gives children a sense of accomplishment and can help boost their confidence, according to the practice. It would be hard to argue that this program is not a positive development for Utah County.

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