To the Iowa Democratic Party for its showing in Monday’s caucus voting. We didn’t think it was possible, but apparently there is a group out there capable of making the vote-counting process in Utah County look speedy and competent by comparison. At this point, does anyone care who won? Just give it to Bernie Sanders already — after all his own party colluded against him the last time around — if only to tamp down the constant fangirling from a co-worker who can’t contain herself over the prospects of “Mayor Pete.”

Congratulations to Sen. Mitt Romney for his heart-wrenching, can’t-sleep-past-4 a.m., toughest-decision-of-his-life, principled choice to vote for the partisan-free, airtight impeachment case presented in the Senate. (Rumor has it Romney hasn’t suffered this much personal anguish since his squeeze bottle of Grey Poupon squirted mostly air while he was making himself a sandwich late one night in the summer of 2002 while his butler was on vacation.) It certainly must warm the cockles of his constituents’ hearts to finally see Romney’s integrity recognized, lauded and praised by those who mocked and smeared him so relentlessly during his 2012 presidential run. Validation at last!

To Kansas City coach, and BYU alum, Andy Reid for not only leading the Kansas City Chiefs back to the Super Bowl after a 50-year-drought, but to a thrilling, long-awaited championship as well. Add this victory to his already stellar coaching resume and Reid’s Hall of Fame selection is now a lock.

Hamilton is coming back to Utah! For those of us who missed our shot and couldn’t get tickets last time, we can wait for it until the show returns to the Eccles Theater in December for a five-week run. Now it’s time to start obsessing about it non-stop.

Pleasant Grove is about to get the second-largest planetarium dome in Utah. The Christa McAuliffe Space Center at Central Elementary School is being rebuilt, along with the school. Fundraising efforts started out at $800,000 in order to install a permanent planetarium dome at the school. Then, the district and the school looked at the community support for the project and decided to try for $4 million. When it’s done, the space center will have new simulators, a dome that can do shows and show up-to-date information and community events.

To the Provo Municipal Council for giving time to residents to speak about their feelings concerning the proposed Terra Development on the foothills of northeast Provo. Both sides of the issue were presented. To discuss the rights of private property owners to develop and whether some of the last undeveloped areas of open land in the foothills should be left alone was not easy. Tuesday night, the council showed they can consider fairly both sides of an issue with passion, research and great thought.

To the Blue Line Ladies nonprofit organization for donating much needed trauma plates for bullet proof vests to the Utah County Sheriff’s office and Pleasant Grove Police Department. The wives of police officers donated them across the state. Local public relations guru John Pilmer also donated his time to help raise the funds to purchase the plates. The trauma plates are designed to give additional protection from bullets shot at close range.

To Camp Floyd State Park, which Park Manager Clay Shelley recently informed the Utah County Commission had an increase in visitors last year. I remember taking a field trip to Camp Floyd in elementary school and loved learning about the Utah War and seeing people dressed up as members of Johnston’s army. It is great that Camp Floyd continues to thrive and provide educational opportunities for young Utahns.

To Utah Rep. Phil Lyman, R-Blanding, filing a bill to censure Sen. Mitt Romney over his impeachment vote. Romney said he voted with his conscience, causing him to stray away from other Republicans. Whether you agree with Romney’s vote or not, he shouldn’t be condemned for doing what he believes was the right thing to do.