Thumbs up: Thanks to Sir Elton John for nearly 50 years of fantastic music. His farewell concert Wednesday at Vivint Smart Home Arena was a fitting sendoff, you know, if this retirement gig really sticks.

Thumbs up: To collegiate athletes everywhere who give insightful and thought-provoking comments in their post-game interviews, showing off the media-savvy skills reflective of their higher education and PR training. And to those who don’t, “You so poo-poo!”

Thumbs down: I’d like to throw a penalty flag on local businesses that attempt to straddle the fence when it comes to Rivalry Week. In other words, I don’t want to drive by a business and see flags, banners, inflatables or anything else for that matter that tout both BYU and the University of Utah. If you are going to acknowledge Rivalry Week, then pick a side already! I realize there are diehard fans of both schools in Utah County, and you may be trying to appeal to both sides. Well, guess what — it doesn’t work! Pick a side or leave the cheerleading for the actual fans.

Thumbs up: Thank you to UVU and the Women and Leadership Project for studying the important topic of women’s civic involvement and encouraging more women to get involved.

Thumbs up: Orem has nearly completed its neighborhood master plans. For the past five years, the city has gone through groups of neighborhoods, with the help of long-range planners and citizens to design what their area can and should become. The last two begin their designing this month. By next spring all of the neighborhood plans will be ready to enter Orem’s master plan for the city. Congratulations.

Thumbs up: Kevin Wilkey, a former firefighter in Orem, gave a passionate opinion during a recent special session of the Orem City Council as it discussed wages and issues on keeping veteran officers and firefighters on board. Wilkey spoke passionately and without hesitation and would have said more about morale but was shut down by the mayor. Keep on keepin’ on Wilkey.

Thumbs up: BYU created a great gameday atmosphere with Cougar Canyon for the season-opener against Utah. It’s great for the community to have that type of experience available for its fans.

Thumbs down: Any public disrespect for an opposing team, even a rival and even if it was said in jest, is unfortunate. Utah quarterback Tyler Huntley’s “poo poo” comments after the BYU-Utah football game just aren’t what good sportsmanship is about.

Thumbs up: It’s wonderful that a 45-member Utah task force headed to the East Coast to help victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Thumbs up: Thank goodness it’s end of wedding season. Some of us definitely need a nine-month recharge before we can stand another weekend entirely consumed with receptions thrown during dinner time but not serving a dinner, sweaty, unorganized group photo sessions that last way too long, and driving all over the state to the temple the bride likes the best.

Thumbs down: 90+ degree weather extending on for who knows how long? It is September. It is fall (sort of). Some people would like to wear sweaters and make soup and drive through Provo Canyon to see the leaves changing. But no, Utah weather just has to be stubbornly abnormal like always.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down includes submissions from the entire Daily Herald staff, and are not necessarily the opinion of the Daily Herald.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down includes submissions from the entire Daily Herald staff, and are not necessarily the opinion of the Daily Herald.