Election Day feature: poll atmosphere + voter reactions 05

Nina Fale, of Salt Lake City, waves flags as supporters of President Trump gather for a Trump train vehicle parade in the parking lot of Smith's Food and Drug in Lehi on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

THUMBS UP: To the person, persons or team who take care of the electronic reader boards along Interstate 15. They continually have creative and sometimes hilarious ways of informing, warning or reminding drivers of any number of things. We salute your creativity and wit.

THUMBS DOWN: To election overreactions, particularly on a national level. The world is not ending. The country has dealt with close races before. And, best and worst of all, we get to go through it all again in the next year, two years or four years.

THUMBS UP: To BYU football getting an opportunity to show it deserves to be nationally ranked and in the mix for big postseason possibilities. Boise State definitely has name recognition and has been good so far, so a Cougar victory will be another step forward in what has already been a successful season.

THUMBS DOWN: To all the national pre-election pollsters that drone on for months and months while hemorrhaging the most ridiculous false narratives this side of Pinocchio. If the last two elections have proven anything, these would-be Nostradamuses' numbers are about as accurate as the info on James Comey-signed FISA warrants. How do these people keep their jobs?

THUMBS UP: To all our fellow journalists throughout the country that have kept the public abreast of election outcomes. You have given countless hours of your lives to tell the story and give the facts on the numbers coming out of this most unprecedented election. Kudos from one media entity to all of you.

THUMBS DOWN: To those people complaining about BYU allowing 6,000 fans into recent home football games -- in a 65,000-seat stadium. Seriously? If there were any further social distancing involved, you'd have been at a Biden/Harris rally in Utah County.

THUMBS UP: To all the Utah Valley high school volleyball players competing in their respective state tournaments this year. There have been plenty of ups and downs but these ladies have hung tough and made it to the final week of the season. Great job!

THUMBS DOWN: To the unintended irony of national newsies raising the "Count every vote!" chant when their own network election night coverage gleefully awarded certain states to one candidate or another immediately as polls closed there with zero results yet released. Hypocrisy much?

THUMBS DOWN: To local Trump supporters for feeling the need to visibly display their support for the president by blocking highways and impeding traffic in Utah County, Salt Lake City and around the country. While supporters say there is nothing nefarious about the "Trump trains" forming from Utah to Hawaii, and that they are meant to be good-spirited celebrations, the demonstrations can easily be interpreted as a form of voter intimidation. At best, Trump trains are excessive. At worst, they hurt democracy.

THUMBS UP: To Brigham Young University students who are wearing their facemasks off campus. One of the upsides is the line of about 30 people at the Starbucks just off campus. The facemask can hide a whole lot of faces and it appears business is booming at what some are jokingly calling the BYU Starbucks.

THUMBS DOWN: This election has brought out the worst in people, but worse than that, this election has shown just how uneducated a lot of people are. Our president is spewing false and purposefully misleading information every time he has opened his Twitter app. Understand that it is not corrupt or unheard of to not know who the president is on election night. Additionally, officials are not "finding" ballots in key swing states; instead, they are counting the mail-in ballots that were not allowed to be opened until in-person voting closed. Chanting "Stop the Count" is an attack on the very republic, the very Constitution the president's supporters supposedly covet. Not everything is a conspiracy, and the world doesn't stop moving simply because your ego is bruised.

THUMBS UP: To Utah voters for showing up in record numbers in 2020, significantly outpacing the 2016 voter turnout. According to the Lieutenant Governor's Office, more than 1.2 million ballots were processed during the general election. In a year with so many important races on the line, both federal and statewide, it is great that so many Utahns participated in the political process and had their voices heard.

THUMBS DOWN: To Kanye West, who pulled out of the presidential race on Election Night and announced his run for 2024. It’s a shame that such a qualified candidate would give up so early in the race. Who knows, maybe he’ll drop a new album about it or something.

THUMBS DOWN: Anybody have any idea how many years it's been since Utah Senator Mitt Romney voted for a winner in the presidential election? Pollsters might take a lesson from his George Costanza "do the exact opposite" approach to presidential participation prognostication.

THUMBS UP: Local journalists throughout the nation are facing an uphill battle with little time in between election results, pandemic developments, the latest on the economic recession and their everyday local coverage. This week, it is important to recognize the valiant efforts of the smaller newsrooms, the reporters and editors pulling 12- to 18-hour days, and their families who are missing them. Keep up the amazing work.

THUMBS DOWN: To President Trump. The president continues to wage war on the credibility of the election. It seems as if whenever things are not going his way, he claims it is rigged or fraudulent. First he claimed victory on election night, then he called to stop counting ballots in swing states while calling for votes to continue being counted in others. I hope that no matter who people voted for, they will see this and question President Trump’s credibility.

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