UTA introduces sweet as honey face mask campaign 03

People wait for a FrontRunner train while a promotional sticker is posted at the Orem Intermodal Center on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020. The sticker, created from artwork by San Francisco artist fnnch, is part of a face mask campaign introduced by the Utah Transit Authority. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

THUMBS UP: To the USPS. Our postal service has been under attack as of late and while many people are concerned with voting by mail, their work is extremely important during this election cycle. Another major key is to make sure you allow enough time for your ballot to be received as well. Don’t postmark the thing on the last day if you want to be sure your vote will be counted. While the USPS has been swamped due to the massive amount of Amazon orders and quarantine purchases, it’s got a much bigger issue coming down the pipeline shortly.

THUMBS DOWN: To President Trump. The president scheduled a town hall-style event for Thursday only after the Biden campaign scheduled a similar event due to the president’s unwillingness to participate in a virtual debate. It is critical that the country sees both presidential candidates engaging in debates prior to the upcoming election. I wish I could call out of my work Zoom meetings because they’re virtual, but I have to do my job. I believe it is the president’s job to participate in conversations with his opponent, virtual or not, so that the voters can make the best and most informed decision possible come November.

THUMBS UP: UTA has launched a sweet campaign to coincide with Provo City’s face mask campaign. The original idea is from a San Francisco contemporary artist and includes honeybear bottles dressed up in masks and holding or wearing props. Outside of the mask campaign, art installments like this are great for resident morale and overall attitudes, especially during commutes. The added aspect of it being a part of an incredibly important campaign was just the icing on the top, or the honey in the bear, if you will. Bravo to UTA for integrating such a creative and positive concept into everyday operations.

THUMBS DOWN: To the whole clown show that has become the Senate hearings on Supreme Court justice selections. These should be highly professional inquiries into a nominee’s judicial rulings and overall outlook on the law, and free from hyper-partisan attacks. Yet the same sham proceedings occur every time and result in final votes that could have easily been predicted prior to the hearings. It is somewhat amusing, I suppose, to see hack Senators with law backgrounds attempt to outmaneuver highly intelligent nominees with feeble lines of gotcha logic and questioning. All the same, I’d rather see these hearings revert to reflecting the best of intentions in determining someone’s qualifications to the prestigious court — instead of spotlighting some of the most embarrassing aspects of today’s political landscape.

THUMBS UP: To the Orem City Council for voting to change 1200 West to include the name Wolverine Way. It is time the university and Orem join forces in bringing attention to the students, faculty, staff and history of UVU. Tom Macdonald, “a proud Wolverine” and city councilman, nearly busted his buttons moving for the resolution and name change. Go, Green!

THUMBS DOWN: To Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Department of Health for, at a time when COVID-19 apathy is high, retiring the state color-coded plan in favor of a brand new, much more complicated, convoluted system. There’s a simpler action the governor could have taken that would have been more effective and less confusing: implementing a statewide mask mandate.

THUMBS UP: To BYU football getting a chance to prove it deserves its ranking at Houston on Friday night. This Cougar team has taken care of business so far, but this will be a stiff challenge. Great teams embrace those moments.

THUMBS DOWN: To both Rep. Ben McAdams, D-UT, and Republican challenger Burgess Owens for their disappointing performances in this week’s 4th Congressional District Debate. There were no surprises from Owens, who deflected questions about his loose association with QAnon and accused Democrats of being “miserable” and “sociopaths.” McAdams’ performance wasn’t much better: He said the killing of George Floyd was the result of a few “bad apples” and danced around the question of whether he supported a statewide mask mandate. We should expect much more from those who want to represent us in public office.

THUMBS DOWN: To Nancy Pelosi’s tantrum during a TV interview this week with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer simply wondered whether passing any kind of stimulus bill for the American people now was better than continuing to hold out for an agreement that the other side will never agree to. After playing the “with all due respect” card, Pelosi then told Blitzer he didn’t know what he was talking about and actually called him a Republican apologist. What she didn’t do was answer the simple question. Yes — and let this sink in — this occurred on CNN.

THUMBS UP: To Gov. Gary Herbert for finally acknowledging the numbers of COVID-19 cases have been going up substantially and show his willingness to rearrange the regulations to reflect the absolute need to mask up, social distance and get this pandemic done with. Christmas is coming, and I think many of us will be singing Christmas carols and having gatherings. Let’s get this thing done. THUMBS UP: To the Skyridge girls tennis team for winning the 6A state title last weekend. The Falcon depth made a big difference as Skyridge was able to secure the second state championship in school history.

THUMBS DOWN: Utah County continues to be one of the biggest hotspots in the state and across the nation. The pandemic is not over, in fact, it’s far from it. With colder weather setting in, we’re heading into flu season with a plethora of unknowns surrounding COVID-19. How will influenza affect the coronavirus? How will cold weather affect the spread of COVID-19? Professionals aren’t too sure. What they are sure of is most everywhere is seeing another spike in COVID. Be safe, wear a mask, maintain social distancing. We’re not out of the woods yet.

THUMBS UP: To the Tampa Bay Rays for pushing the Houston Astros to the brink of elimination in the American League Championship Series. The sooner the supposedly reformed cheaters can have their season terminated the better it will be for all fair-minded baseball fans. Nobody needs the distraction or the travesty of seeing this team make it to the World Series this fall.

THUMBS UPIt’s good to see that musician David Crosby finally came to his senses and offered an apology after his recent tone-deaf Twitter dissing of iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Crosby noted that, when making his ill-conceived remarks, he had forgotten that Van Halen had just recently died of cancer. In other news, Crosby recently remembered that he once had a relevant music career.

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