LDS Church updates General Handbook

The cover of the General Handbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A major update to the handbook was released Wedensday, March 31, 2021. 

THUMBS UP: To Tosh Metzger for his April Fools joke that caused residents in Provo and Orem to swoon and sway at his suggestions. Metzger is the administrator for the New Provo Developments and New Orem Developments pages on Facebook. On Thursday, he posted lovely renderings of a soon-to-be announced Zoo with restaurants and hotels. In Orem he surprised residents with a new two-building luxury high-rise featuring condos with pools, workout rooms and more. Both would be very nice additions to their cities, but seriously, Tosh, what a way to jolt people into dreaming! Thanks for the fun.

THUMBS UP: To The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints adding to the updated handbook a new section on the worth and importance of getting vaccines. While members of the church are not commanded to get them, it is highly recommended. Having this message in the official church handbook is a notch up in importance and should be considered something the church is in full support of.

THUMBS DOWN: To the Springville City Council for not livestreaming the meeting to confirm a new city councilman, which would have allowed all the citizens of Springville to watch and learn from 18 fantastic individuals that put their names forth to serve their community. The underlining question is: Why does the Springville City Council seem to feel that it should not be broadcasting its meetings for all to see? It seems like councilmembers all included the statement, "More open, transparent government" as part of their campaign promises.

THUMBS UP: To the Utah Jazz for getting a win in Memphis after their plane struck a flock of birds. If you saw the photos of the plane, you could tell it was a serious situation and kudos are also in order for the pilot. Regardless, the Jazz overcame that adversity and grabbed a win. Many of the players spoke about texting people thinking they were going to die. Good to see that everyone came away from the situation safely.

THUMBS UP: To the students at Springville High School who walked out in protest of a teacher on campus. The teacher was accused of allegedly making inappropriate sexual remarks, and due to the push from students in the form of formal complaints, parents and alumni, the teacher resigned from his position on Wednesday. I think it incredible to see students, both current and former, and parents speaking up against the alleged abuse.

THUMBS DOWN: To Utah County commissioners Bill Lee and Tom Sakievich. There really isn't much more to say.

THUMBS UP: To Springville High School students and alumni for speaking out against a now-former teacher accused of sexually harassing and making inappropriate remarks to students. One former female student recalls that when she was 15 the teacher would "flat out look at the girls up and down" and make "very derogatory, sexist comments towards the girls in our class literally every day." This abhorrent behavior has likely been going on in high schools across the county for years, and I am proud of these students for being the ones to speak up.

THUMBS UP: To BYU football making it through all of spring camp without any issues. After having everything get cut short last year, just getting all 15 practices in is a big deal.

THUMBS DOWN: To the Utah County Commission. Even if there are valid reasons to move county budget staff from under the Clerk/Auditor's office to directly under the commission's purview -- and if there are, they haven't really been explained or elaborated on -- those reasons are lost in the wake of the commissioners' complete bungling of the process. How could commissioners think this move was such a great idea and not recognize the responsibility of upfront communication with those people directly involved with the change? These are exactly the types of unilateral moves detractors warned about during the last election cycle.

THUMBS UP: To the BYU women's volleyball team for winning another WCC title and earning a spot in the NCAA tournament. The Cougars now get a chance to show just how good they are this year.

THUMBS DOWN: So, Delta CEO Ed Bastian is up in wings about Georgia's new voting law, which requires, among other things, official ID to vote. Anyone got on a Delta flight recently -- or any other airline for that matter -- without having to show ID multiple times along the way? There's reasons for that, right? Seems like a good time to remind hypocritical CEOs to stay in their runway.

THUMBS UP: To the upcoming Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Members look forward to hearing directly from church leadership in general conferences twice a year. These conferences offer an opportunity to slow down, listen to counsel and reflect on the messages delivered.


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