ROY — Mik, a K-9 on the Roy police force, is recovering at the home of his handler after being wounded during a shootout last weekend.

Mik underwent emergency surgery after suffering a wound in his mouth area early Saturday morning as Roy and Clinton officers exchanged fire with a suspect.

Aaron Michael Griffin, 21, of Plain City, was killed in the shooting. No police officers were injured, according to the Roy Police Department.

Further details have been withheld pending an investigation by Davis and Weber county attorney’s investigators.

For that reason, Roy Officer Joshua Taylor, the department’s spokesperson, said he could not talk about Mik’s role in the incident.

Mik underwent surgery Saturday and is expected to make a full recovery, the department said in a Facebook post over the weekend.

The K-9 will be off the job for six weeks, or possibly longer.

One question is how the shooting may have affected Mik psychologically.

“It depends on whether he will want to work or not,” Taylor said. “Ultimately it will be left up to him.”

Mik was trained to track people, sniff for narcotics and bite suspects, Taylor said.

When police dogs retire, typically they stay with their handler, Taylor said.

According to court records in Ogden, Griffin had repeated scrapes with police in the last several years.

On Sept. 27, 2017, a man called police and said he was awakened by a man standing at the foot of his bed.

When officers arrived, Griffin was standing outside.

“He said he was high and didn’t know what apartment he had entered,” police said in a probable cause statement.

Griffin became aggressive and punched an officer in the face, then kicked him and continued to fight after he was handcuffed, the affidavit said.

The officer said he found Spice, a synthetic marijuana product, in Griffin’s pocket.

Griffin pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of assaulting an officer, criminal trespass and possessing Spice.

He spent 67 days in jail and was put on probation.

Five months later, Griffin ran from a police officer who had stopped to talk to him after receiving a report of a suspicious person.

Griffin said he was on probation and didn’t want to get into trouble again.

He pleaded guilty to possession of narcotics and running from police, both misdemeanors, and was sentenced to 100 days in jail.

Out of jail a few months later, Griffin was arrested again when a state probation officer checked on him and found him with methamphetamine.

This time he got a prison sentence, of zero to five years, for third-degree felony possession of a controlled substance.

On Saturday, he again was out on probation.

The Roy press release said Griffin and the man with him, Brian Joseph Cregg, 49, fled when Roy police tried to stop them for a traffic violation.

Then the shootout occurred in a Clinton field. Police said one of the suspects fired at them and Griffin was killed by return fire.You can reach reporter Mark Shenefelt at or 801 625-4224. Follow him on Twitter at @mshenefelt.

You can reach reporter Mark Shenefelt at or 801 625-4224. Follow him on Twitter at @mshenefelt.