‘They just want to come work’: Latino migrant workers filling Utah County jobs left open by labor shortage (Sept. 1)

They don’t just work on farms, they work on construction jobs. They have almost completely stolen all of the trades! Americans don’t know how to many of these jobs. So sad, and scary! — Alan Perry

The farmers I know use American Indians and legal refugees. Pay a fair wage, and you won’t have a shortage. As far as the H-1b visas, most of the people I know that have been displaced by them, are in IT and have trained their replacements in order to get their severance pay. — Glauchow

It is not a dark side and employers hiring foreign labor are stealing from domestic workers even if there is a labor shortage. In free market capitalism a labor shortage, like a shortage of anything else, should work to the advantage of domestic workers by driving up the price of existing labor. In the deployment of foreign workers the free market is manipulated in favor of employers giving them an alternative to paying the higher wages the free market demands. Any employer who can not pay the free market price for all the resources needed by their business has a non viable business model and needs to go out of business in order to maintain a healthy market. Increasing the supply of labor involves providing a subsidy to keep weak players in the market. That subsidy is detrimental to the rest of us. — James Murphy

If I lived in any of the countries below our southern border, I would want to come here too, but I would hope I could do it legally. A friend of mine, Rey, owned many fruit orchards in South County and he help many of his workers come here to work on his farms. Many years ago Rey’s son was killed by an illegal immigrant working in the fruit. Rey did not blame all Mexicans based upon the actions of one. — OldGrizz

They were bringing them in when our unemployment rate was 9%. During a labor shortage, wages go up, during a job shortage wages go down. By bringing in cheap workers, business is forcing wages down for Americans. It’s been this way for decades, remember Cesar Chavez? — piddler

Inside Darnell’s Head: BYU, Tennessee hoping to turn things around this week (Sept. 2)

According to things I had read and heard Utah had one of the top 5 RB’s in Moss, maybe the best defensive line in college FB, same for secondary. They looked that good in the game. Seems like Wilson threw into multiple coverage. Not good against that good a secondary. At least BYU will not likely play as good a team again this year. Utah projected by some to be a top 5 finisher. BYU ranked around 50th preseason. That is too far apart to expect a win. — Cast Yard

John Curtis to town hall attendees: The climate is changing, people are influencing it (Aug. 30)

Curtis, there is no “war on coal” … coal has been beaten in the marketplace by the falling price of renewables, which are also cleaner for our air and water and which protect our climate. Curtis, you should be working with coal miners and their communities to transition to jobs of the future; you should not be fabricating this false narrative of a “war on coal.” — JWL

There is unanimous scientific consent on this from climatologists.

Consider that even Trump has built walls to protect his Florida properties from rising sea levels. He would not do this unless he knew global warming was a FACT.

It’s so real that even those who deny it are preparing for it. — [/\] A [X]]