BYU football at Tennessee

BYU sophomore defensive lineman Devin Kaufusi (90) sings the fight song with his teammates on the field after the 29-26 2OT Cougar win at Tennessee on Sept. 7, 2019.

1. Should BYU football fans be that excited about the 2OT Cougar win at Tennessee, since the Volunteers are now 0-2?

LLOYD: Heck yeah, BYU fans should be pumped! I get so tired of people trying to dampen enthusiasm. Does the Cougar win mean BYU is an elite team or on its way to a phenomenal year? Not at all. This is one win — but a win that required a lot of character and heart. This was a bunch of young men who battled through their mistakes and errors, overcame the odds and never stopped believing they could find a way to come out on top. The fact that is was a road game against an SEC opponent in one of the biggest, loudest stadiums in the country are all nice but to me the best part was how the Cougars did it. So enjoy it, Cougar fans! Savor getting national attention (even if much of it is negatives directed at Tennessee). Smile when you see the video of Micah Simon’s big catch and Jake Oldroyd’s big field goal and the “Big Push” at the goal line. This is a moment of delicious, dramatic victory and those only come around on rare occasions. So enjoy every moment of it.

DICKSON: I’ve heard this from coaches enough over the years to believe it: Wins aren’t ever easy to come by, so you should never devalue them for any reason. Yeah, Tennessee is 0-2 and struggling this season. But if the Cougars want to improve as a program, getting a win against an SEC team like Tennessee is vitally important. BYU was just a few seconds from starting 0-2 themselves, so Cougar fans should be excited because wins build confidence, no matter how they occur. There is plenty for BYU to work on and many areas to shore up, but a win is always a step in the right direction.

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