18 years later, America vows to 'never forget' 9/11

A U.S. flag hanging from a steel girder, damaged in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, blows in the breeze at a memorial in Jersey City, N.J., Sept. 11, 2019 as the sun rises behind One World Trade Center building and the re-developed area where the Twin Towers of World Trade Center once stood in New York City on the 18th anniversary of the attacks. (AP Photo/J. David Ake)

5. Wednesday was the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. Looking back now, what do you remember about how that day impacted the sports world?

LLOYD: 2001 was the last year that I wasn’t professionally working in the sports industry, so I remember that fateful as a college student and sports fan. That BYU football team was rolling at that point and I desperately wanted to see the Cougars continue, since they had a big game against Mississippi State on the schedule that week. The postponement of the game ended up damaging BYU’s momentum — but that paled in comparison to the true impact of those terrible, shocking hours. I remember being so stunned that something like that could actually happen on American soil. But most of all, I remember people coming together. It is probably the best perspective the USA has had in my lifetime about the importance of unity, I believe sports played a role in that, reminding us that we can compete without resorting to violence.

DICKSON: I remember going to my daughter’s soccer game and bonding with other parents who were just trying to keep their kids focused on normal things, even though they were aware of the events of that day. Also, I cover sports for a living and I never felt so worthless. It seemed to me that anything I wrote simply didn’t matter that week. But it did matter, because it helped people to realize that life would go on. I was so touched by all the firefighters, policemen and emergency workers that so selflessly helped those who were caught up in the tragedy. I was amazed that even though I personally didn’t know anyone in either of the towers or on the airplanes, I was affected by their loss in a very real way. And I loved the way that Americans came together and helped us all deal with the tragedy.

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Jared is the BYU football reporter for the Daily Herald.

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