Provo dining A-Z - Station 22

The Memphis chicken sandwich which has Memphis-style house-fried chicken tossed in a spicy butter glaze and topped with fresh slaw and served on a ciabatta roll. Photo taken on Monday, July 11, 2011 at Station 22 Cafe on Center Street in Provo. 

Station 22 Café

Station 22 Café is nestled in downtown Provo, offering locals a great menu of delicious American classics.

Location: 22 W. Center St., Provo

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The Sensuous Sandwich

The Sensuous Sandwich, which opened up in Downtown Provo in 1980, offers delicious sandwiches piled high with great toppings.

Location: 163 W. Center St., Provo

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Se Llama Peru

Se Llama Peru opened in 1999 and offers offers up flavorful favorites from Peru, including Lomo Saltado (steak and fries), Arroz con Pato (duck), Ceviche (fish and shrimp) and Anticuchos Mixtos (Peruvian kebabs).

Location: 368 W. Center St., Provo

Sweet’s Hawaiian

Sweet's Hawaiian opened more than 25 years ago. Menu favorites include the weekly Polynesian Plate, Kalua Pork, Katsu Chicken, Teriyaki BBQ Chicken and more.

Location: 711 Columbia Lane, Provo

Other options: Sushi Burrito, Saigon Cafe, Silver Dish Thai, Slate, The Spoon, Sub Zero, Shirley's Bakery