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UCCU presents donation to the Sanpete Pantry

By Gloria Albrecht - | Sep 15, 2021

Seth Mitchell from the Utah Community Credit Union presents a donation to the Sanpete Pantry on behalf of UCCU. Left to right: Tracy Kummer, Sanpete Pantry Operations Manager, Seth Mitchell from UCCU, Jeff Jarman, Executive Director of the Sanpete Pantry in front of the Sanpete Pantry on Blackhawk Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant.

On Monday, Aug. 30, Seth Mitchell, representing the Utah Community Credit Union presented a check for $500 to the Sanpete Pantry. Executive Director Jeff Jarman, Operations Manager Tracy Kummer and Director of Fundraising Marty McCain, all from the Sanpete Pantry, were on hand to gratefully receive the donation and give Mitchell a tour of the Sanpete Pantry facilities in Mt. Pleasant.

Mitchell, a graduate of Snow College, remembers the Sanpete Pantry from his days on campus in Ephraim. And even though he never needed the pantry’s support, he had acquaintances that did. So, when Mitchell realized that UCCU is a regular supporter of charities such as The United Way he petitioned his company to support the Sanpete Pantry as well and they immediately agreed.

The donation couldn’t have come at a better time. The pantry is gearing up to increase their distribution of kid pack meals not only to schools, but to the libraries in Manti, Gunnison and Mt. Pleasant as well. With more kids than ever being home-schooled kids are missing school lunches. The Sanpete Pantry wants kids and parents to know that they can get kid pack meals from the libraries anytime during regular library hours. After the Labor Day weekend, the Sanpete Pantry will begin to provide kid pack meals to all the schools in the county. They are excited to see this program go forward and be so productive.

The Sanpete Pantry doesn’t just provide meals for kids, however. They have a mobile food truck which regularly makes food drops at pre-determined locations throughout the county as well as a bricks and mortar pantry on Blackhawk Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant. “Our operations costs are skyrocketing with the cost of gas for the truck and much needed upgrades to the pantry itself” claims Executive Director Jarman.

The Sanpete Pantry gratefully accepts donations, and the staff reports that they can do a lot more with money than with food donations. With their bulk buying power, they purchase pallets of food and can stretch donation dollars pretty far.

But that’s not to say they don’t gratefully accept items for donation. Tracy Kummer, operations manager, is quick to point out that they never seem to have enough of the following items: Diapers- all sizes up to size 4, men’s and women’s deodorant, dog and cat food — canned or in bags up to 20 lbs., women’s sanitary products including Depends, laundry detergent and face masks.

Fresh, usable produce from the garden is appreciated this time of the year, so your extra fruit and vegetables can be donated as long as they are fresh.

There’s also a list of items that they CAN’T use since the pantry can’t determine the adherence to USDA standards and/or the age and proper storage conditions of the items. These include: home canned goods, canned goods that have passed expiration, baby formula, dairy products and frozen foods. They encourage you to call if you are not sure if items you want to donate are needed. (435 462-3006)

The Pantry wants to remind citizens that they WILL NOT take clothing and they no longer have the facilities to handle cardboard for recycling as they did in the past.

The staff at the pantry requests that donors do not leave items in front of the pantry when the pantry is closed. Bring donations to the Sanpete Pantry at 1080 S. Blackhawk Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant during regular Pantry hours (on Wednesday and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.) They can be reached at 435-462-3006 if you have questions or would like to volunteer.


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