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Week of Fun and Learning Marks the End of the School Year at Spring City Elementary

By Staff | May 31, 2023

As the final week of school unfolded, students from various grade levels were treated to a range of exciting activities to celebrate the conclusion of another academic year. From engaging reading activities to friendly teacher-student competitions, the week was filled with fun and educational experiences for all.

For the younger students in grades 1 to 3, the highlight of their week was the year-end dragon activity, which served as a culmination of their year-long reading journey. Students who consistently read five days a week had the opportunity to write their names on a dragon scale, while those who dedicated themselves to reading every day were able to add two scales to the magnificent dragon’s body. Witnessing the dragon grow throughout the year brought a sense of pride and accomplishment to the young readers. Additionally, all students had the chance to color a dragon of their own, while those who submitted reading calendars with a 50% or higher completion rate were rewarded with the chance to create a fire-breathing dragon, and received a pencil and a bookmark as well.

In a spirited event, teachers challenged the sixth-grade class to a thrilling kickball game. Students from other grade levels enthusiastically cheered on their teachers, providing much-needed support and encouragement. The game showcased the strong bond between educators and students, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition.

Meanwhile, grades 4 to 6 embarked on a stimulating STEM activity, made possible through materials provided by Utah State University. Fourth-grade students took the lead in teaching their younger peers from grades 1 and 2 various activities related to science, technology, engineering and math, fostering cross-grade collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Thursday afternoon marked the eagerly anticipated annual Eagles’ Day, organized by the school’s dedicated PTA and teachers. The event offered an array of engaging activities and games for all students to enjoy, creating a joyful atmosphere as they celebrated the end of the school year together.

On Friday morning, the school talent show took center stage, showcasing the incredible talents of students from all grade levels. From singing and dancing to comedy and instrumental performances, the talent show highlighted the diverse skills and passions present within the student body.

As the final bell rang, signaling the end of the academic year, students bid farewell to their classrooms with memories of a week filled with excitement and learning. The week’s activities not only brought joy and celebration, but also served as a reminder of the growth and achievements they had accomplished throughout the year. The school community looks forward to the summer break, cherishing the memories created during this memorable week, and eagerly anticipating the adventures that await in the upcoming academic year.


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