On Wednesday, Dec. 23, a stand in Terrel’s Market in Mt Pleasant will be set up to distribute holiday meal packages to folks in need of a little help this year.

A grassroots movement called Helping Hams was started by Devon Larson right before Thanksgiving this year when he and his 9-year-old son Lincoln bought eight hams in Terrel’s Market in Mt Pleasant, intending to gift them to shoppers who seemed like they could use a little help for a Thanksgiving meal. One of the recipients of a ham tearfully said to him “I have no meat in my house and no money to buy any, this will make our dinner so nice and so special tomorrow”.

Larson recalls “When I got home my son told my wife about what happened and she said, “that ham really helped her”. Yes, it did. It might have only been for one day, or even one meal, but it truly did make a difference. That is where my idea came from. So, I am starting a project called Helping Hams” reflects Larson when talking of this project.

Larson’s goal to buy 200 hams to distribute on December 23rd far exceeded his expectations when his Facebook page and word of mouth spread the news about the project. The $3,500 goal for 200 hams was far surpassed with donations from friends, family and community members. An old friend of Larson’s who is part owner of a food business in Idaho loaded a truck with potatoes and drove all the way to Mt. Pleasant so there could be potatoes to accompany the hams. The donations just kept coming.

When Larson met with the owner and General Manager of Terrel’s Market and went over his budget while buying the hams he recalls “I realized that since they had given me such a great price for the hams, I still had like $1500 left over. I asked the GM what else we could do. So, we walked through the store together and he gave me a great deal on several more items we could give away with the hams. So now instead of giving away just a ham, we are now giving away 200 dinner packages. It includes the ham, potatoes, stuffing, corn, cranberries and rolls (LOVE Terrel’s rolls!!).”

The spirit of giving has long been a part of the fabric of this community. Helping Hams joins other initiatives like Toys for Tots, The Mt Pleasant’s Library’s Food For Fines and their Winter Coat Drive, the North Sanpete Food Pantry and the Tree of Angels which have all lovingly supported our friends and neighbors that are struggling this year.