Cheney’s Chocolates comes to Mt. Pleasant Library

The Mt. Pleasant Library hosted a chocolate dipping workshop on the evening of February 10th, 2021. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner the presentation by Lori Cheney Chambers kicked off chocolate lover cravings in more than a dozen spectators who attended.

“The heavier the cream the better” was advice that came from Lori Chambers when speaking of making fondant. Chambers uses vanilla fondant as a base recipe for flavored fondants such as raspberry, coconut, lemon and penoche. The fondants are chilled, and hand coated with dipping chocolate, a process which she demonstrated at the library workshop where spectators were invited to chocolate-dip their own fondant. Chambers calls hand dipping “a lost art” since not many candy producers do hand dipping anymore.

Chambers is the proprietor of Cheney’s Chocolates in Fairview. Incorporated in June of 2019 when Chambers took over the business, Cheney’s Chocolates LLC is currently limiting their distribution to sales at The Corner Store in Fairview and special custom orders. But that will soon change as Chambers scales up her production with larger appliances and dedicated candy-making space.

Chambers learned the craft of candy making from her great aunt. The Cheney family has been making chocolates, fondant, caramel and various other confectionary delights for generations. Chambers’ Aunt Glenda ran Cheney’s Chocolates from around 1980 through the mid 1990’s. Chambers, who is a lifelong Fairview resident, reflects that the recipe for fondant came from her own great grandmother, while the caramel recipe she uses was brought home by her grandfather from a Virginia family when he served on his Mission.

Fairview Utah has been loving chocolate for years. It is home to the Fairview Chocolate Festival which has been taking place the weekend before Valentine’s Day since 2015. This year the Chocolate Festival was canceled due to (yup, you guessed it AGAIN) COVID restrictions. Nevertheless, Liz Chambers and Cheney’s Chocolates plan to revive the brand and hopefully be at the Fairview Chocolate Festival in 2022.

The Mt. Pleasant Library hopes to continue their monthly workshops as they have in the past before COVID-19 temporarily sidelined them. All are welcome. Last year workshops covered topics such as tree pruning, insta-pot cooking, growing microgreens and greenhouse planning and all drew big audiences. As we begin this year workshop attendance is limited so attendees can maintain safe distancing. Follow the Mt. Pleasant Library workshop announcements on Facebook. As in all library spaces, masks are required.

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