Utah Farmers Markets

A vendor at the Downtown Salt Lake Farmers Market, who has his food stamp sign on display, welcomes beneficiaries to use their tokens to buy produce from him. 

Dear Editor:

Primary elections for some city leaders and city council members in Sanpete County will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 13. We have a problem here in Sanpete that we need to let those running for office know about and ask what they plan to do about it.

I’m talking about our friends and neighbors that aren’t getting enough to eat. Living paycheck to paycheck and trying to figure out how to pay rent AND feed their children.

We do have the Sanpete Pantry but they need help. They asked the cities to donate $1 per family, per year, in their zip codes. Most cities didn’t bother to reply. The city council members just figure we can get by on food stamps. Anybody who has been on food stamps know it’s impossible to even supplement their meals. Us voters need to ask the council members what they are going to do to help us.

Tish Butcher


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