Spring City Heritage Day

This beautifully-restored home is just one of many that visitors can tour during the annual Spring City Heritage Day, May 23. Each home on the tour has been carefully tended in order to preserve the historical sense of the town. Spring City is one of a handful of towns listed on the National Historical Registry.

This weekend, Memorial Day weekend, marks the semi-official kickoff of the summer season. I hope someone informs Mother Nature about this. She seems to have forgotten that we’d like to feel a few more mild days this time of year, especially on the holiday weekend.

Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend is when gas prices have annually gone through the roof – right when we want to drive the most for vacations and visiting friends and relatives. We’re thinking of taking a little road trip soon. So it makes perfect sense that gas prices could go up right now. Sheesh!

I recently learned that part of the reason for the increase of gas prices in the summer is because of the changeover to “summer gas.” Fuel is blended differently in the summer to comply with the Clean Air Act. This has been going on since 1990.

Some estimate that it costs as much at 15 cents per gallon more to produce fuel for the summer. Refinery issues, OPEC issues, gas tax issues, ethanol issues, and many other issues, all make for more expensive fuel.

Anyway, Memorial Day weekend is a terrific time to be in Sanpete. The spring flowers are beautiful. Don’t you just love the fragrance of lilacs in the air? As much as I enjoy the aroma of Sanpete agriculture (turkey ranches, cattle feedlots, etc.), there’s something to be said for a floral scent in the air. The apple blossoms are nice right now as well. (I know some of you are thinking right now, “He enjoys the “aroma of Sanpete agriculture??)

My rhubarb is looking good this year. I made a double batch of rhubarb crisp last Sunday. I took some to my 93-year-old neighbor. She was grateful and enjoyed it. I think people who are little more mature are more likely to have an appreciation for rhubarb than — say, some young, silly, immature people in their 50s or 60s.

A few years back, there were some folks in Mt. Pleasant who put on a Rhubarb Festival. For now, around here, we’re left to our own devices to be festive about our rhubarb.

I still like to just go to the plant and pull a stalk of it out and eat it – salting it, bite by bite. It make my mouth water thinking about it. It transports me in time to my boyhood and my grandparent’s back yard. That’s where my friends and I had a salt shaker and celebrated our own brand of a Rhubarb Festival.

I thought that I wasn’t going to have apricots this year, but some of those hardy blossoms made it through the visits of “Jack Frost.” I know some people who are disappointed when the apricots don’t freeze. They don’t like the mess of the fallen fruit. As for me, I love apricots fresh as well as drinking the nectar through the winter.

With all our storms this year, the mountains of Sanpete are beautiful. I really need to do some botany research to learn the names of the flowers in the hills around here. As my sister would say, the flowers all fall under the general names of “Sidatrailium” and “Sidaroadium” depending on whether you find them on the side of the trail or on the side of the road.

The wild grasses are high and lush. The weeds are also high and lush in my yard. It’s great to see so much green in our landscape.

This weekend there are the big annual holiday events in Spring City and Ephraim. If you haven’t been in the habit of attending one or the other of these celebrations (or both), maybe this is the year you should see what they’re all about.

The Heritage Day in Spring City includes a breakfast, an art and antique sale and a luncheon. Also, one of the big draws there is the home tour.

Scandinavian Days in Ephraim has evolved into a large celebration with lots of music, food, dancing, storytelling, games, historical tours, fireworks, and entertainment otherwise.

The 10 a.m., parade on Saturday is always fun. I enjoy the Swedish meatballs for lunch even though there are hundreds who line up for the Sanpete barbequed turkey and other offerings.

I notice that popular Utah musical artists Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand, Peter Brienholt, and others, will be performing at the festival. The Snow College Commerical Music Ensemble will be performing Saturday afternoon at 2:15 p.m. They’re always fun to see, as are the Phat Old Professors who will be onstage at 4 p.m. on Saturday.

You can check the Pyramid’s Summer Recreation Guide which came out a couple of weeks ago for more information on all of the area’s celebrations. Or go online and find detailed information.

One last thing on the topic of the holiday, — don’t forget the reason we have Memorial Day. The cemeteries of Sanpete will be beautiful this weekend with flowers and flags as we honor our fallen soldiers as well as our deceased family members and friends. Have a great holiday weekend.

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