Granary Arts kids workshops go virtual

The Picasso Faces art project from the Wednesday Workshop on October 14th is only one of the many Wednesday Workshops that families and students can explore at Granary Arts

EPHRAIM — Starting in September, Granary Arts in Ephraim switched their Workshop Wednesday art workshop to a virtual format. They are now posting video workshops for kids of all ages on their Facebook page at their normal workshop time, Wednesdays at 3:30pm. They invite kids to get creative and make art by joining in the fun on Wednesdays for a free art workshop designed for kids and families. Projects invite students to explore a variety of fine art mediums, materials, and processes.

Parents and kids can subscribe to their mailing list and follow them on Facebook (@GranaryArtsUtah) and Instagram (@granaryarts) for workshop information. Each week an email will give you a link to the video instruction and provide a list of supplies you can find at home. Be sure not to miss a workshop!

In addition, Granary Arts is now offering free kids art supply kits that correspond with the weekly video workshops. Each kit will have everything needed to complete the project. New kits are available every week. Kits are available for pick up at Granary Arts, 86 N. Main St., Ephraim, Wednesday through Saturday 11am — 5pm. Quantities are limited, so kits are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For the week of Oct. 14, the workshop was creating Picasso faces. Here’s a sample list of supplies and instructions for Picasso faces:


Construction paper a variety of colors




1. Start with two full sheets of construction paper in different colors.

2. Glue them together so that one overlaps most of the other, creating a frame around two sides of the paper. This is your background.

3. Draw half of a face (a half circle or oval) on a new color paper.

4. Draw the other half of the face on a different color paper.

5. On one of the halves, draw a nose sticking out toward to center (on the flat edge).

6. Lay both halves together, with the nose piece on top. Glue both pieces onto the background.

7. Cut shapes for the eyes, mouth, teeth, neck and ears. Tip: It is more fun if the shapes are not symmetrical. Glue them into place.

8. Cut out any other accessories you want to add. These could be a hat, hair, jewelry, glasses, facial hair, shirt collar, etc. Use your imagination.

9. Glue the accessories into place, and sign your name at the bottom.

Budding young artists can share their creations on social media using the hashtag #granaryartskids

Granary Arts is supported in part by Utah Division of Arts & Museums, with funding from the state of Utah and the National Endowment for the Arts, George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, The Sam and Diane Stewart Family Foundation, Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area, Sanpete County Travel, and generous support from Ephraim City.