Harold “Blackie” Blackburn’s last ride

Harold "Blackie" Blackburn "is one of the last true cowboys around," said his doctor Brooks Thompson, who helped put together the last ride.

MOUNT PLEASANT—Harold “Blackie” Blackburn’s wish to ride his horse one last time was granted Friday, September 18. The 95-year-old was helped into a wagon and made the ride from Mt. Pleasant to his hometown of Fairview.

Blackburn, who has been diagnosed with leukemia, wanted to make the ride on horseback but since that was not physically possible friends, family, and members of the community came together to provide him with the next best thing.

Wade Carter of Fairview hitched his beautiful team of horses to his wagon and Blackie was joined by friends and family members, including his doctor Brooks Thompson, who rode alongside the wagon on horseback.

“Blackie is one of the last true cowboys around,” said his doctor Thompson who helped put together the last ride. “We have been planning a ride for three years,” said Thompson, “and now it’s going to happen. I can’t think of a better way to honor such an ionic cowboy.”

“He doesn’t need the hospital anymore, there are just things that can’t be fixed, and he is ok with that,” Thompson said.

“Blackie has the best collection of boots, all lined up and shined. He is always well-dressed in his best cowboy’s attire and today won’t be any different.”

Blackburn was all smiles and waves as he enjoyed the view with his dog on his lap inside the horse drawn wagon.