Christensen sentenced for Kammy Edmunds murder

Kammy Edmunds with her children Franky and Sophya. (Photo courtesy of Debbie Rocco)

MANTI— Anthony Jeffery Christensen, who plead guilty to the murder of Kammy Mae Edmunds and obstruction of justice last January, was sentenced March 4 in Sixth District Court, Manti.

After hearing from several family members who expressed their loss and emotions about Kammy’s devastating death in a full courtroom, Christensen was given two five-years-to-life sentences and an additional 1-15 years by Sixth District Court Judge Marvin Bagley.

Kammy Mae Edmunds is considered to be an amazing woman by her family. The family hopes Kammy’s name and beautiful face will be remembered.

She always had a smile and a laugh that was so contagious people couldn’t help but smile with her, even on the worst of days. Kammy will be dearly missed.

She leaves behind her son, Franky, and her daughter, Sophya; siblings, nieces, nephews, parents and extended family.

The family would like to extend their appreciation to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department, Sanpete County Sheriff’s Office and all those who helped to bring resolution to this case.

The family also encourages anyone who is suffering through domestic abuse, to reach out for help. Everyone is encouraged to be observant and watch for anyone who may possibly be abused, then reach out to them and tell them they are loved and be there for them.

Support is available 24/7 in Utah for those dealing with domestic violence. Visit the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition online at or call 1-800-897-5465 for resources and assistance. In an emergency, dial 911.

This court action comes almost exactly three years after Edmunds, age 34, was found dead in her Mt. Pleasant home on Friday, March 31, 2017.

On that day, at about 12:45 p.m., the Mt. Pleasant Police Department had been called in to investigate her death. At the same time, a white 2001 Oldsmobile Alero was missing.

A search for the vehicle was initiated. It was eventually located east of Mt. Pleasant near the Power Plant Park by detectives from the Sanpete County Sheriff’s Office.

The vehicle had been driven off an embankment into a dry creek. Detectives processed the scene at the park and then the vehicle was taken to an indoor department facility for further inspection.

During the investigation, according to Edmund’s family, her body was found lying on the floor in the bathroom of the home where she lived with fiancé Anthony Christensen.

Police were told by Christensen that Edmunds had been injured in a car crash and had walked a few miles back to the house where he found her, deceased.

Early on in the investigation, doubt was raised about Christensen’s story because the autopsy results show blunt force trauma to Edmund’s head which is more indicative of abuse.

When Christensen was arrested, the probable cause statement released by the Sanpete County Sheriff’s Office provided details of interest.

“Christensen stated that they were drinking last night… He stated that he was very drunk and went in and passed out for the night. Christensen stated that when he woke up for the day he noticed that Edmunds was not in bed and he got up to look for her. Christensen stated that he found Edmunds in the bathroom.”

During the investigation Christensen at one point said, “he thought he was dreaming and Edmunds was there and she told him that she was in a car wreck and her face was smashed.” Christensen, “dismissed the moment to a dream and rolled back over to sleep more.”

“In processing the area,” a Mt. Pleasant police officer, “saw what appeared to be spots of blood outside the side entry door,” and, “a path through the living room carpet that appeared to be lighter, but still visible blood. The path led to the bathroom.”

“In the kitchen area of the house there were marks on the flooring that suggested a person was dragged across the area.”

“The path through the living room was processed by law enforcement and the red stains and carpet and pad were cut out of the floor. In cutting the carpet and pad out of the floor” the officer, “could feel that the underneath section of carpet and the pad were wet with a clear fluid, indicating an attempt to clean the staining had occurred.”

Further, the State Medical Examiner’s Office also reported that “the injuries sustained by Edmunds were not consistent with being in an automobile accident.” “The cause of death is multiple blunt force trauma concentrated to the head.”

The phone belonging to Edmunds “was found in a purse inside the home” and cell phone records for her phone and Christensen’s were checked. Detectives discovered “that Edmunds phone had been erased or factory reset.”

In addition the records for Christensen’s phone, “indicate that Christensen was in the area around Parley’s Lane at a time” when Christensen, “claims he is home sleeping.”

Also of note is the report that, “the damage to the vehicle is not consistent with damage that would result in the death of person.” And blood evidence found on the vehicle, “is located low on the door panel, not up where a person’s head would be.”

Christensen was arrested April 1, 2017, by the Mt. Pleasant Police Department on charges of criminal homicide, desecration of a human body and obstructing justice. Bail was set at $500,000.

According to the probable cause statement, “Criminal history of Christensen is extensive and shows multiple violent convictions out of Wyoming including child, abuse with physical injury, strangulation of a household member, battery of household member and from Nevada, a fugitive from justice.”

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