DE recognizes gas utility workers’ contribution to communities

Dominion Energy gas utility workers are being recognized for their skill and dedication to serving neighbors and communities. (Photo courtesy of DE)

SALT LAKE CITY — Every day, nearly 180 million Americans depend on the hard-working dedication of gas utility workers to heat their homes, cook their food and power their businesses. In recognition of their valuable contribution to the daily lives and well-being of so many Americans, and especially as the nation responds to COVID-19, Dominion Energy (DE) invites the public to recognize Gas Utility Workers.

Braving adverse weather conditions and working through times of difficulty while experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, gas utility workers demonstrate an unwavering commitment to serving their neighbors and communities, making personal sacrifices for the comfort of others.

“The skill and dedication of our gas utility workers never ceases to amaze me. Their dedication to our customers is even more apparent as we confront the societal challenges of COVID-19,” said Diane Leopold, Dominion Energy’s co-Chief Operating Officer.

“Few professions get to play such an important role in the lives of their customers and communities, and they deserve our gratitude for the outstanding public service they provide, particularly during times like this,” Leopold said.

Every single day and across every part of the system, DE employees are hard at work improving the lives of their customers and delivering the clean, safe and affordable energy they depend on.

DE customer service representatives help low-income customers with affordable payment options and are hard at work to ensure the most vulnerable do not have their service impacted during this time of need.

The DE energy efficiency program administrators come up with practical ways for customers to use less energy. Their gas controllers and safety inspectors work around the clock to protect public safety. And when new homeowners or business owners’ sign up for service, DE gas technicians are on the scene to hook them up.

As part of Dominion Energy’s response to COVID-19, technicians are also diligently reconnecting service to their most vulnerable customers. These vital roles, and many others that go unnoticed, all play an important part in meeting the daily energy needs of DE customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

In addition to recognizing the vital public service they provide, its time to also recognize the innovations advanced by America’s gas utility workers to make natural gas safer, cleaner and more efficient than ever before.

Dominion Energy’s employees are on the frontlines of this change, championing improvements in safety, sustainability and customer service for the more than 1 million customers in the states DE serves:

• A field service technician championed the use of a tool that eliminates gas from entering the atmosphere when changing a meter valve, making the job safer and better for the environment.

• A group of training employees developed a smart-device app to help field technicians’ work on and/or repair natural gas appliances and other equipment.

• Hundreds of Dominion Energy employees regularly volunteer their time and money in the community to address the needs of those people and organizations that need help.

• “I have always said that Dominion Energy employees are the kind of people others wish they could work with,” said Craig Wagstaff, Senior Vice President and General Manager Western Distribution.

“They care deeply about one another, and they’re driven every day by a mission to serve their community and improve the lives of their neighbors. We are seeing this now as they continue to serve unwaveringly,” Wagstaff said. “They do meaningful work, and we’re proud to honor them.”

This is the fifth year for the nationwide celebration established by the American Public Gas Association recognizing the skilled labor contributed by diverse employees throughout the industry.

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